Monday, April 27, 2009

What NOT to Wear :-)

This past weekend, we went to Merlefest. I think some 80,000 people showed up to listen to good bluegrass music, contra dance, and chill. One of my favorite parts of it was...PEOPLE WATCHING! I love love love to people watch. I love fairs, festivals, water parks, amusement parks, all for the same watch all the interesting people pass by. There were some INTERESTING people at this festival.

I've never been into photographing people without them knowing it. I'm more of a portrait person, but near the end, I just couldn't help it. I had to share some of these wacky outfits for you. Of course right when I decided to photograph some people, I didn't see the wackiest of outfits (ie the woman who was very large chested jumping around with a thin tank top on and no bra! Yikes!).

I've been watching a lot of What Not to Wear lately when I nurse and I couldn't help but think that Stacy and Clinton would have a hay day here! So I did decide to do a fun What Not to Wear type thing on my blog, in the fashion of Glamour's DO's and Don'ts.

Before I start, I want to say two things:
1.I don't think I'm by any rate a fashionista. My roommate in college wouldn't even let me out of the room sometimes in what I was wearing. But I still like to think I know what I'm talking about:-)
2.I'm not trying to be mean, just show some funny outfits.

Enjoy:-) It'll be like you were there, just without the 100 degree heat!

I think this woman is a DO! I love her fun short hair and her classy black dress!

DON'T mix your angelic with your fighting attire:-)

DO look adorable in a long colorful dress. I'm LOVING these...although I did wear them before they became popular;-)

DONT wear black socks with shorts! Please!

DO have a cute colorful mommy/daughter ensemble. Ice Cream is always a DO!

Don't wear Ugg boots when it is 100 degrees outside! And maybe not with shorts either...

DO wear a fun hat to shade you from the sun!

DONT let your bra show! Well I know I show straps sometimes, but maybe not the whole thing.

DO wear cute cowgirl boots with a sweet dress.

Double DONT:
DONT let arm pit hair show.
DONT get Amelia Earhart tattooed on your arm.

DO wear beautiful colors with a white shirt! This lady looked so classy and cool. Something you want to look like in 100 degree weather.

If your shirt is too big, DONT safety pin it in the back. We see your back too lady!

Another long dress DO!

DONT wear bedroom slippers outside the bedroom.
DONT wear head to toe Neon Green!
DO hold hands with the ones you love:-)

DONT make shirts out of old drapes (unless you are Maria in The Sound of Music)
DONT tie your pants with the drapery ties.

DONT wear your clubbing outfits with your crocs.
DONT wear your clubbing outfits in 100 degree heat!

This is probably a DONT for most people, but it's a DO for me! I love dresses over jeans:-)
Again, I came up with this a long time ago.

Don't cut off your pants at the akward lenght!

DO share warmth with a friend:-)

And the ultimate DONT.....
Do not wear hundreds of butterfly clips in your hair if you aren't 5.

The full ensemble!

*If any of these people were your mothers, sisters, fathers, cousins, sons...etc. I'm sorry:-(


  1. SOOOOO good! i love people watching, too - everybody is so different

  2. that comment was sara thompson, by the way... didn't realize i was under my hubby's name :)

  3. HILARIOUS! I LOVED this post!! You should've put a black bar over the "DON'T"s faces though...cause that's just plain embarrassing!!! Those clippies were horrific.

    Oh, and I ADORE dresses over typical outfit IS a dress over jeans...or capris. And, gotta' love those long hippie-ish dresses. So cool!

  4. HAHA this was the most entertaining thing i've ever laid my pupils on!!!! Not only were these people class A crazy but you also got fantastic captures of them!!! Where was this and how often do you find a guy in red high-waters????!!!

  5. I somehow missed this post and have had a blast reading it! I can't wait to see what you found this year!! I love ppl watching :)


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