Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why We Got A Pig


A miniature pot bellied pig.
Well...we got a pig! A pet for the boys:) and I adore her!

I had to make sure I wasn't getting her....
-To be super cool. Because it is so hip and original to have a pig.
-In order to have rocking instagram pictures.
-To fill a baby void in my heart.
-To provide material to our constant jokes about ham about bacon...
-To officially make us have the best Christmas cards ever.
-To make people like Laura Lesburg and Amy Burritt think I'm cooler than I am:)
And even though those are perks:) I really, truly wanted her.

I had a lot of comments about fb warning me to not get her because I'm overwhelmed and busy already. I won't disagree, but I feel I have a lot of time with the boys, just playing. I'm busy with the boys, but not busy doing things WITH them. I would have not gotten her had she taken me away from them! Instead I find myself more present with the boys as we have yet another thing in common that we love and something fun to play with in our busy/but sometimes boring days.  It has us outside more, which is always a good thing.  I'd rather my boys play with a pig outside than watch mickey mouse because Mommy doesn't know what else to play with them.

I want my boys to say, "my mom certainly had fun with us!" because Lord knows, they'll never say, " "Man, our mom totally had it together.  The house was always clean, she always looked put together and we always ate dinner promptly at 6."

1.She eats our leftovers!
Although I'll try not to feed her, her own kind (ham and pea soup yesterday! Yikes!) she takes care of the food we would otherwise waste.
2. She doesn't smell bad! She doesn't smell like dogs or cats! She doesn't smell at all actually.
3. She doesn't drool!
4.She can't talk to complain or even talk back to me. With a three year old in a very talkative stage it's nice to sometimes not ear any talking:)
Last night I couldn't get her inside to sleep so I left her outside. She didn't common once this morning:)
4. She doesn't bark! She snorts all the time but it's adorable. It's like hearing that beautiful sound of babes before they latch on to nurse all the time:)
5. She only poops in one place. So no clean up.
6.She doesn't shed!
7. She's not aggressive.
8.The boys and Rainy adore her and she entertains them for hours.  This alone is worth every single cent and every single minute of extra work for me.
9. She is so cute! I could look at her for hours.
10.she won't get bigger than 35 lbs so she'll always be tiny:)
11. They live for an average of 25 years:) I can totally see Barclay and Sullivan bringing their friends home from college to meet her.
12. She has such tiny short legs that she can't get into much. And doesn't jump up on people and sniff your crotch. ( another dog thing I hate!)
13. She's an outside pig so the very little mess that she is, stays out there.  We will all be able to sleep peacefully without grunts or snorts.  Although I will maybe let her in 3 times a day to pick up the meal crumbs.  Less sweeping for me! She's the only animal I have ever really loved. I'm not an animal person at all.
14.I get to finally use one of my cool hippy girl names:-)
15.They can't lick their own bottoms.

The ONLY cons I have so far are that she's not very snuggly (I wouldn't be either if my first experience with a family was in a car for 3 hours with a screaming Sullivan!), and she roots at the ground a little.  We are just going to fence a smaller part of the yard in for her and she can root all she wants!

So far, so good!  The grin on my boys faces as they rush outside to play with her, is worth every bit of the extra work it will make for me.
And another good thin about her, of we end up not working out with her (though I don't see that happening), she is NOT a child so we can give her to another home.  It's really not a big deal.  An animal is not a baby.
I'm sure we'll have many adventures with Miss Poppy:-)  Our first yesterday was taking her through the Chick fil a drive through on our way home.
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