Monday, April 27, 2009


Here are some pictures of Barclay in his sun hat. Not the most manly of hats, but definitely cute!

So...after all my complaining about the hardships of having a fussy baby, many people told me...Wait till he's 7 weeks old, 8 weeks, 9 weeks...etc and he will be a different baby. Well folks, Barclay became a different baby at 11 weeks. I cannot believe the change in him. We have wonderful days together complete with NAPS! He doesn't fuss unless something is wrong (something I'm just now getting used to), AND I feel like I can finally get my brain around Babywise. Just today I had to do something I've NEVER had to do and which I read about a lot. I had to wake my baby up! I had to. He had slept for 2 hours and hadn't eaten for over 3 hours. Not only did I have to wake him up, I had to continually stop and wake him up to eat. This is something that I read about a lot for newborns and have just now at three months old started to experience.

I don't want to be crude, and I hate this word, but I think that the reason that he is finally not fussing is because he learned how to fart. He does it all the time now which is fine with me. And I rarely give him gripe water anymore and haven't given him the previcid for two days.

We are working on not waking up several times a night, but the day times are beautiful for me. Thank you Lord and thank you to everyone who was praying for me and encouraging me.

I know I'm probably annoying and repetitive, but I cannot get enough of Barclay's cooing and laughing! I am going to have to post a video. He's snuggly and sweet and I love his little feet...that rhymned. He's sleeping right now (for the second time today!) and that's why I'm going nuts with the blog posts.

I feel like the most blessed woman in the world to experience being a mother to this precious baby boy. I cannot stand it any longer, I'm just have to go snuggle with him!


  1. Hi Helen Joy! It's so good to hear that he's so much happier, and actually SLEEPING!

    You might want to check this with your pediatrician, but at his age he should be able to go for a longer stretch like that while he's sleeping. (The exception to that would probably be if he's not gaining weight well; but it looks like he's doing well in that department!) Little Tait eats every two hours while he's awake, but normally takes a 3- to 4-hour nap every day. He's sleeping through the night now, too, which is fine for a baby at his and Barclay's age (from everything I've read).

    Anyway, I don't know what you've found in your research, but from everything I've seen, it's perfectly fine - great, in fact! - for a 3-month-old to sleep that long and go without eating during the day. It might make things easier for you, too. :D



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