Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rocking My Baby

Early this morning, about 1:30 am, I heard coughing and gurgling from my monitor. I high tailed it to the baby's room and found him covered in puke. Poor little guy was siiick. Watery eyes, cough, runny nose, but thankfully no fever. Poor baby! My heart hurt for him. I was suddenly hit with the realization that I was this baby's mommy! The one that he needed when he was sick. Wow! I had no idea what to do, and it was too early to call my mommy (aka my go to book). So I did what I could. I sucked out his snot, I held him while he gagged and puked, I put baby vicks vapor rub on his chest and feet (I've heard that helps a cold), I put a vicks vapor plug in the wall, and I rocked and rocked him. Poor, pitiful baby! He couldn't do anything and I was the one he was looking to.

It's an amazing thing that God puts into us mothers. The ability to hear a baby cry from across the house, to have the will to get up out of bed in the middle of the night, and the drive to take care of your baby when they are sick and you are tired. Rocking him for hours, I didn't even feel tired. God gave me a second wind and I didn't feel the exhaustion till Barclay was feeling much better later this morning.

Last night I was thinking of the memories I have of my precious mother who has rocked me, tended to me, and taken care of me so many, many times. There is nothing better than the feeling of being rocked by your mother. I remember it so vividly: the warm feeling of her arms, the sweet smell of her skin, the beat of her heart, and the feeling of safety. Yesterday I realized that I was going to be that for Barclay.

He's still pretty sick, but we had lots of smiles even through the runny and sad eyes. Oh how I love him...

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  1. I know what you mean about mother's heart kicking in. I always swore that I'd never clean up puke. Spit up, sure. Puke? no way. But, there's nothing like that good old instinct to kick in and make you not care anymore. First time Alina got sick I didn't even cringe or gag. I just changed my clothes (because, of course, she puked on me) and changed her and went on with life. I really hope it's the same way with blood. We haven't encountered that yet.


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