Saturday, April 4, 2009

Barclay 2 months

Last night I had the absolute pleasure to watch my husband have a moment with Barclay. They stared at eachother for at least ten minutes and I could tell that Noah was getting overwelmed with love. I experience that everyday, but I was glad that Noah was able to experience it. It was a beautiful thing.

Barclay has been completely alert lately. He can follow my hands 180 degrees with unwavering attention. He laughs at me as soon as I have met all his needs. We have tons of fun just connecting and laughing and smiling. He is also doing this adorable/break your hear thing, where he sticks his bottom lip out and looks at me with such sad eyes! It's so adorable though!

We had lunch with some friends yesterday and Barclay slept the entire time (I have to admit that the child is very very good when he really needs to be.) They were sad that they couldn't see his eyes or his little expressions. At the very end he woke up and for a full minute did a play by play of all the full range of emotions he can do with his face. He went from pouting to laughing over and over. We laughed until we cried! It was hilarious! He's just like me. He likes attention and performing! Oh my goodness, it was the most hillarious thing I've ever seen!

I'm sorry I'm just going to mushy for a little bit... Stop if you get sick easily:-)

I seriously could look at Barclay all day long. It's amazing to see him becoming someone and it's amazing to see Noah and I in him. God is truly amazing! He has the sweetest lips that I am constantly kissing, his skin is so soft, and he is so snuggly! My favorite thing to do is take a warm bath with him. I love to watch him "swim" and giggle with him as I dribble water on his head. He is exactly like me and loves baths! I think if we both could handel the same amount of hot water ( I like it scalding), that we would always always be in the bath. I took a bath at least twice a day while pregnant too. After the bath I love to put him skin to skin under my robe and smell his sweet, clean baby smell. It is definitely the best smell in the world. I have wanted to start using Baby shampoo too so I can smell that good:-)

Today Barclay is two months old and I'm happy and sad. Sad because I have an almost full tupperware container of clothes he's outgrown. Sad because he sleeps spread out instead of in a little ball. Sad because I don't want him to grow up.
Happy because he's healthy. Happy because he's developing the sweetest personality! Happy for the smiles and laughs and coos. Happy for all the cute outfits that he has waiting for him in the next size. I think that in every stage of life, there are things that are precious and that are hard to leave behind. But they are made bearable by all the wonderful things waiting in the next stage.

My little beanie boy is growing up! Happy 2 months Barclay!

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