Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have had a wonderful couple of days and will probably do several posts in the next couple of days, so be on the look out. For now, I'm just going to do a very simple, random post, just to put some thoughts out there.
*Barclay is laughing now! It's so cute. It's pretty regular too. He is also cooing and ah ooing and so on.
*I got to see my sweet friend Catherine this weekend and it was soooooo good to have some girl time.
*I've decided that I am going to join a mommy group somewhere.
*My husband, baby and I went to Merlefest this past weekend. It's a Bluegrass festival up in the mountains. It was awesome!
but....I do have to say that EVERYTHING takes twice as long with a baby. I was worn out before we even got there. Not to mention my three month old was in a field in 100 degree heat! Yikes! Stressful!
*I am so mad at myself because I know I have gained weight since the birth of Barclay. Uggg...I am an eating machine and never feel like I have enough nutrients in me. I am drinking TONS of water and still feel completely famished about every two hours. I know I'm a nursing Mom, but yikes! After trying on clothes this weekend, I'm convinced that I need to do something drastic in my lifestyle. Basically, I need to eat better and more balanced.
*On that same note, this is the first year EVER in my life (and I know this is rare) that I've ever felt nervous about being in a bathing suit. Shopping for one was HORRIBLE, and I've never had that experience before. Not because I think I had a great body, but just because I've always been confident. My confidence (usually at a nine) is probably at a 4 now.
*On that note...after not having to suck in for almost 10 months, I don't remember how to suck in. In fact, I feel like I don't have those muscles anymore.
*I realized how much I wish my little sister Georgia never got her license, because I miss her because she doesn't need me to cart her around anymore:-(
*Barclay slept pretty amazing the past two nights. I don't know if he's finally getting the hang of it or it was because we WORE HIM OUT at Merlefest. We'll see tonight...
*I am IN LOVE in love IN LOVE with Barclay. Geez I feel like I have spring fever love for that sweet boy. I seriously think about nothing else.
*I've not seen Noah as relaxed and happy in quite some time as he was this weekend. The Bluegrass revived his soul.
*I have so many fun and funny posts to do in the next few days.
*I am hoping to get my hair trimmed this week.
*Today I bought a cashmere sweater from Bananna Republic regularly $130 for $16. Just in time for...summer? Oh well, next year I'll be stylin:-)
*I need to go to bed and stop rambling...
*Oh, and I'm super siked about my first Mother's Day!

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  1. so the amazing thing about being a nursing mommy -- Barclay is a mere 3 mos old. Eat healthy -- fruits, veggies, proteins, etc, and any excess weight will just fall straight off.

    Also remember that a nursing mommy -- or just mommy in general -- weighs more than pre-mommies. I put on (and have kept) weight from my precious little ones, but that doesn't mean that it's not healthy. Give yourself a little bit of time to catch back up. Remember, it's an amazing thing your body has just got through delivering, and now you're basically the refrigerator for the little guy and lets face it -- there aren't 120lbs fridges. Not that you're shaped like a fridge.... just that... you know what i mean.

    Anyways, My #1 suggestion on staying energized is less empty carbs, less empty sugars, etc. Make sure what you eat is full of nutrients because Barclay is gonna get what he needs regardless of what you eat, but you only get the leftover nutrients. If there's not enough to go around, you're the one who's loosing nutrients and energy, not him. If you have limited choices, look and see; grilled chicken or processed meat? a potato chip or a carrot? You only have a minute or two to scarf something down most of the time -- make sure that what you eat counts because that potato chip isn't gonna last you the 3 hours it might be before you get another shot at eating.


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