Monday, April 27, 2009

The Good, the bad and the MESSY

OK. I've just decided that I cannot take it anymore! I have to clean clean clean! My house is a disaster area and it jut doesn't get any better. I figured I would post some pictures of my current favorite CLEAN part of the house because I just redecorated it. AND...I wanted to post pictures of my bedroom which is ridiculous. In an effort that I am accountable for cleaning it up before Thursday. So I'm posting pictures now and if I don't post pictures of the after by Thursday, you guys can hound me and I am not allowed to give my sorry excuses of..."I just had a baby.." (Because I didn't. I had a baby 3 months ago!), or I'm always tired...etc. I'm also this might encourage other people who don't have it together. Because I seriously don't.

So for the GOOD:

I love this little space. That is the infamous CHICKEN PAINTING that we have been carting around for four years. My sweet brother in law got it for our wedding and we love it but it is really hard to hang up because it is on ply wood and doesn't take screws. So we finally decided to lean it up against the wall. I LOVE it. I have decorated several rooms with black and white pictures of our family and friends. This brings color, warmth and LIFE to the room and I LOVE it!
The dress I got on the streets of DC for $20, although getting it home was a different story...Thanks Cat! I think it is so weathered and vintage. It is naturally weathered since it was left out in the rain for two days. Don't recommend it though:-)

That is one of my favorite pictures of Barclay to the right. So curious. I painted the painting on top of that. Noah doesn't like it much but it means a lot to me. It's a picture of a girl leaning over crying and next to her is a jar of tears.
It just came out of me in my darkest of darkest times. It's simple but it speaks volumes to me. It is based off of the verse from Psalms 56:8 "You have taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?"

Here's what's on top. I got that statue of a little girl at a thrift store for $3. One of my favorite finds EVER. It has pictures of family and that little sewing basket my mom got me for Christmas. I use it, but it's also pretty to look at. And the orchid was given to us when Barclay was born by our friends Dan and Monique. This space is just so happy! I love it!

Now for the bad and the mess!

I never really had the nesting urge until the baby had already come. So my house was never in tip top shape to begin with and of course once the baby was here, I could't delve into my nesting feelings. This mess is left over from my organizing of the bathroom.

Yes our amoire only has one door. The other fell off two years ago and I have yet to put it back on.
One bad habit I've picked up from my husband is always storing the "randoms" in laundry baskets. And guess where my laundry is now....ON THE FLOOR. Because our LAUNDRY baskets are full of random stuff.

What a nice romantic, tranquil room...NOT.
Our room is the place we throw things when people are coming over, because they'll never see it. This is the result of four months of that.

See the laundry on the floor.

More laundry. Can you tell I don't like putting it away or folding it?

OK. So if by Thursday I haven't posted pictures of my CLEAN room, please feel free to hound me and make me feel bad. I deserve it:-)


  1. So, even though I'm not married & also don't have children I can TOTALLY relate to the mess!! I live in a TINY studio apartment with my roommate & so things get cluttered SO fast & so easily. Our sink is FULL of dishes (which grosses me out, because I'm really anal about keeping the kitchen clean) & our living room/bedroom is currently full of piles of laundry.

    As an almost-24 year old it's really been plaguing me because it makes me feel like a teenager...something I haven't been for nearly 5 years!! I want really badly to have a clean, perfectly organized, perfectly decorated home but it's just not happening right now. You're so right...your blog pics were totally encouraging! :)

  2. Wow. WOW. wow.

    Loved the first "space" though! So fun!

  3. You are an amaaaaazzzzzzzzzzing new Mommy, sweet HJ...give yourself some slack, but oh doesn't it feel good when you finally 'get it done' In life, that last quote applies to more than just laundry piles on the floor. You are doing great!

  4. Hey there! Found you through Kelly of course, and just wanted to say I can TOTALLY relate to the mess! Our room looks like that quite often...and we just painted it, so had to move the bed out. Let me just say wow! We've only lived in this house for 6 months and the mess was appalling! I don't know why I can't get it together? The clean parts of your room are awesome though!:) You'll get there girl, you will!


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