Saturday, April 4, 2009

Barclay's Birth Video...Rated G

I'm finally getting around to posting Barclay's birth video. I want to say a couple things about it:

-I look awful in it. I am the ugliest crier, as many of my wedding photos attest to. But I don't care because this is the best moment of my life.
-It is rated G, they wont let you tape the actual birth, so it's just right afterward. There isn't any scary parts.
-Noah videoed it one handed. He's amazing. You can even see him cut the chord, while video taping.
-I cry every single time I watch it.

I hope you enjoy it and for many of you it brings back wonderful memories of your own births.

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  1. I commented on this on your FB page because it is absolutely beautiful, and a friend of mine saw my "news reel" thing and watched your video too. She e-mailed me privately to tell me this video moved her to tears... she is also a new mommy. Thanks for sharing, it is truly beautiful.


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