Monday, April 6, 2009

A PLANE :-) Shock

Well I must say, I am rarely truly suprised. I'm a good actress and that is why so many people think they've surprised me in my life. Well I must say that I was not only surprised on Saturday night, but I was just plain shocked.

To make it short (if I can possibly make anything short), Noah's Aunt had asked him to come with her down to Greenville to pick up a girlfriend. Strangely enough this was right in the middle of the final four games. I could not believe that Noah was going to miss it! On his way down, he called me and asked me to bring Barclay to his Dad's house so we could watch the games together. First of all, I hate basketball and secondly I was tired and so was Barclay. I couldn't believe he was asking us to do that! I was frustrated and mad, but after getting the baby to bed before ten I was relishing four (hopefully) uninterrupted hours of blissful sleep. At almost midnight, Noah comes to the bed and asks me to come to the living room. I was irrate at this point! Why couldn't the man let me sleep?! He practically dragged me and my mind was racing about what it could be. Was it a baby swing? A million dollars he found on the ground? The cure for coliky babies? I had no clue. Well I think I would have believed a million dollars more than what I saw in front of me. Eric! Noah's brother had flown in from South Korea to surprise us! I thought I was seeing a ghost! He said he came to see Barclay before he got too big!

I was so touched and then everything started making sense about Noah's fishy behavior that day.

Barclay was of course sleeping (he always is when I am not) but Eric got to look in and Noah was able to show off his son to his brother. Early the next morning, Eric was greeted by lots of loud cries and was able to hold him for the first time. I'm so glad he came back early before Barclay becomes a non infant. He was originally supposed to meet him in July.

Eric is going to be the best Uncle to Barclay and take him fishing and do all those fun boy things with.

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