Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sleeeep in Heavenly PEACE!

So I am sweaty, exhausted, smelly, my feet are swollen room is FINALLY clean after about four months of complete disarray. Now I want to SLEEP there:-) Not only did I get it clean (and not just put stuff in another room), but I now have four empty laundry baskets that I can now put my laundry in, and I got to do some redecorating! I'm completely pleased with the results so I took a couple pictures. Also I want you to believe me. It took me about six hours. I found all kinds of things that I've been looking for.
Noah is going to be one happy man when he gets home. I can't wait to show him that I finally had a productive day!
If you missed the mess, check out this post.

I finally got to hang my cool painting from Korea from my brother in law Eric. And I bought that lantern 3 years ago at Pier 1 when I worked there and this is the first time I found a place for it. It gives off a romantic light:-) wardrobe has 2 doors on it now! (Thanks Mom!)

I love this little corner. It's got all the marriage books we've read that mean a lot to us, as well as our marriage goal journal. It also has a picture of our cute son:-) That cool lamp (which I should have turned on for the picture!) we got from our trip to Korea. It is completely made out of paper. And that is a painting I did in college. I copied an artist, can't think of who it was right now. I love the colors and of course the nursing mom.

Our dresser with a beautiful stone statue that Noah has remembered from his Grandmother's house since he was a little boy. It's probably our favorite thing we own art wise.

View from the door. So inviting! And the floors look wonderful!

Now you can see our pretty bed!

Something that was a big project with the room was deconstructing the cradle until the next baby comes along. I think I was avoiding it because it meant Barclay was growing up. But now my room is back to a romantic haven for me and my husband.

A few pictures of Barclay's last nap in the bed.
My Dad built this bed when I was little and we've all slept in it. It was so special to have my first baby sleep in it too.

Just because I'm sentimental, I wrote out all the full names and birth dates of those who had slept in the bed. I think it will special every time a baby or grandbaby sleeps in the cradle to add the names to the bottom.

And just because I don't want anyone to think I'm perfect now;-)

Look what happened while I was busy cleaning my room!

I guess the cycle never ends does it?


  1. WOW! wow! Wow! (this time impressed happy "wow"s!)

    Looks awesome! Such a pretty room!

  2. It looks wonderful! You did a great job :)

  3. Great Job! If you keep this up, every room in the house will be nice and clean for you! :)
    Looks very nice and inviting...

  4. Helen Joy!!! I am so proud of you!!! Cant wait to see ya!

  5. I'm going up into my attic to write the names and birth dates of everybody that slept in the little crib that was at my grandmother's house. What a great idea!!


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