Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boston Day 1

I just want to write a little bit about our trip to Boston, and in an attempt to not be overwhelmed, I'm going to do it one day at a time:-)

The day we left for Boston, I was totally blessed to have a new friend come over to help me. Emily is a girl that went to my college and was two years ahead of me. I don't believe that we ever actually spoke, but as facebook goes, we were friends. Near the end of my pregnancy, Emily wrote me such encouraging messages and we discovered that we lived like 20 minutes from each other. She has a little 18 month old Caleb and has been so encouraging to me in my adventure into mothering. She told me when I got home from the hospital, that she wanted to come and help me clean my house. In my pride, I thought, no, I don't need any help. Well she offered again and I didn't hesitate. She even came over the day I would be packing, teaching, and trying to get things ready for our flight to Boston.
I have to admit that I was a little nervous. I've never met her in person before and here I was about to let her into my messy life. She had mentioned before not to clean my house before she got there. Well even if I wanted to, I didn't get a chance.
She walked in carrying a huge tupperware container full of goodies. Immediately I felt such a genuine warmth and compassion from her. She brought me a yummy, healthy lunch, parenting magizines, snacks for our trip, and a sweet gift of girly spa items. Oh...and she brought me two packages of Gnocci (one of the only things that makes me feel full since I'm not a big fan of meat and I'm not eating dairy). I couldn't believe how thoughtful she was! Immediately she wanted to be put to work and I didn't feel awkward about doing it. That in itself is a gift! She held Barclay, organized all the "things" from my car, fed me, helped with laundry and packing. She was a complete and total blessing to me. Most of all I enjoyed talking with her and having some company. She is definitely a kindred spirit to me. I'm so glad for facebook and that I now have a new friend! I think we'll be hanging out a lot more in the future.
Thank you Emily!

After teaching and packing up, I left to meet Noah in town to head to the airport in Charlotte. Our flight was at 8 and I told Noah that we needed to leave earlier than we were planning, we ended up leaving at 5:30! Yikes! And it was raining like crazy! We always barely make it. I'll have to write later about the time we almost missed our flight to Mexico. We definitely would not have made it if I didn't think ahead and brought the battery powered pump. So I pumped in the car and fed Barclay a bottle, that way we didn't have to #1 pull over to feed him, or #2 go crazy from a screaming, hungry infant.

We made it to Charlotte in record time and parked in the buisiness Valet so that we could make it to the gate as fast as possible. We made it just in time.

Barclay did great on the plane. He cried until we sat down, then fell asleep. He didn't wake up until we landed. The little guy likes motion! Noah was very pleased as well because he was able to watch the Duke game live on our flight (we flew jet blue). I was a little disappointed because flights are some of the only time that I can have undistracted time with Noah (aka he isn't allowed to have his Blackberry on:-) ) I did sleep a little on the flight and enjoyed holding little Barclay in my arms and staring at his precious little face!

When we landed, it was pretty late and we met Emily and Phil at the baggage claim. Poor guys! They both teach and they still came and got us late. It was pouring rain and we made it into their little car with a sleeping Barclay. As soon as we got to their adorable appartment in Cambridge I went to straight to bed with Barclay and Noah stayed up with Phil to watch the second half of the Duke game.

I wanted to write a little about their appartment. It was smallish but very simple/ecletcic. They had beautiful pictures hung everywhere and there was a very nice warmth to it. They had bought oatmeal and soy milk for me and were so hospitible!

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