Monday, April 13, 2009

Memories to Cherish

Today was one of the best days! Barclay took his first nap in about two weeks. He slept for 4 hours! I cannot tell you what a blessing that was. Not only because I got to do A LOT of needed work, but because I know his little body needs to sleep. I have tried and tried to get him to sleep and to no avail. Last week I tried to take him off his previcid, which is for his acid refulx and put him on some natural stuff. It just about killed me. He screamed non stop (day and night) for two days solid. I was exhausted and grumpy, he was exhausted and grumpy. It was just miserable. I put him back on the previcid and he is like a different baby!

Today I realized how in tune I am with sweet Barclay. I'm getting to know him so well, and even though he can't speak, I can usually tell exactly what he is crying about. I can usually calm him. It really makes me so happy that I am that person that he needs.

I've had so many special moments today with him. He was just an angel. I can't say enough how much I love nursing him! His little hand goes back and forth on my chest and I just talk to him and kiss him. I am loving how when he's done and I'm burping him, he just draps on my shoulder and just sighs and sighs his little baby sighs.

I would say the #1 thing people tell me as a new mother is, "It goes by to fast. Enjoy every moment."

It does go by so fast, but I am confident that I am enjoying, treasuring, and storing up all these precious memories in my heart. These are things I will cherish all the days of my life.

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