Monday, April 6, 2009

Shopping Alone

On Friday I needed to run out to the grocery store and Sam's to grab a couple of things for dinner and such. I really didn't feel like taking a long 4 hour plus trip with the Baby just to get a few things and the thought of a couple hours of silence seemed heavenly. So I nursed Barclay and left him with Noah for the first time ever. I completely trust him, but I still felt so...strange going somewhere without Barclay. Let me just say that I felt completely naked and stripped down to be somewhere without him. We've been attatched for the past 60 days and I felt like my identiy was taken away. No one noticed me in the sea of people at Walmart. No one stopped me, opened the door for me, helped me load my car up. I felt so normal. Very strange. Also, how come it is when you do not have a car seat and diaper bag to lug around that all the parking spots up front of available? Hmmmmm....

This story reminded me of another time (about five minutes) that I shopped without Barclay. It was two days after he was born and we had taken him to the Pediatrician. Coming home I had to run in and grab preemie diapers, Vitamin D cream, and ....nipple ice packs. I walked in and for the first time in forever I was out and I wasn't hugely pregnant. No one was staring wondering if my water was going to break, or how MANY I had in there:-) I was just a normal person.
*Let me just take a break by saying, I'm not shy to attention. Meaning, I really like it. All that belly rubbing I got from strangers didn't bother me a bit.
So when I checked out at Rite Aid, the lady was just scanning my things and not talking to me. And before I knew it, I blurted out, "I just had a baby two days ago!" This older lady looked at me and without changing her dull expression said, "Good for you...". Ha! I felt stupid.

This story leads me to another story about when I bought the pregnancy test to find out about Barclay. I always have felt weird buying pregnancy tests. The cashier looks at you and you know that they are wondering your situation. Anyhow, my cashier this time was a toothless woman who was definitely a smoker and probably about 45 or so. I was trying to distract myself from the awkwardness that is buying a pregnancy test by looking at the candy. All the sudden I hear some mutterings in a very hick drawl.
"hope you is or hope you aint?"
"Excuse me?" I said.
"hope you is or hope you aint?"
"I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you say it one more time?"
I giggled and said, "Well, I guess I hope I is."
Then she gave me a huge gummy smile (actually it actually looked like Barclay's smiles as of late).
I laughed for probably an hour.

Those are just a couple shopping stories that I was thinking about today and wanted to write down.

On another sad note, Barclay has been moved officially to size 2 diapers. Waaaaaa:-( I still have two packs that people have given to me, but I just can't see washing 5 outfits a day due to exploding diapers worth it to save some money on buy new ones. I do have a couple friends who will be happy to have some size 1's for their little ones. But I'm so sad:-( Stop growing Barclay!

Speaking of growing, we go to the Pediatrician tomorrow and will find out how much the little guy weighs now.

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