Thursday, April 22, 2010

Naked Adventure

Today I was reading some blogs about getting locked out and I was reminded of a story that really needs to be's that good...and that bad.
We lived in this one apartment one summer three years ago. It was part of a bunch of quadplexes grouped together. It had a nice screened in porch with blinds that came about half way down the screens. I set up all my oil painting supplies out there and almost every day would strip down naked and paint. No one could see anything but my legs, and I enjoyed some naked time (very precious) AND did not have to worry about getting clothes dirty.
I enjoyed one of these painting days one day when Noah was at work. I painted away and enjoyed being completely naked without anyone knowing. After feeling like I had done some good work, I went to go inside our apartment...only to realize that I was locked out. I was stuck with no phone and no way of getting in or out. Noah wasn't due home for another 4 hours. So I weighed my options and decided to make a break for it. I broke one of the screens (which we had to pay for when we moved out) grabbed a roll of canvas and wrapped myself in it. I ran upstairs to our very strange, upstairs, lesbian neighbors (surprise surprise!) and had to ask to use the phone. I don't think she ever thought the day would come when a 21 year old showed up naked and wrapped in canvas at her door. I called Noah and demanded that he drive home immediately to rescue me. He was pretty furious because he hates all my naked drama stories. But man did I ever laugh about it.
I crawled back in the porch (remember I am stark neked!) and waited for Noah to come rescue me.


  1. OMG, your stories crack me up!

  2. LOL, I love it :) And being naked is fabulous.

  3. This made me laugh really hard. I love your naked drama stories.

  4. HAhaahahaha this is amazing.
    "He hates all my naked drama stories.." I love that there are multiple ones!

  5. Her Aunt Lucy (now in her 80s) is responsible for all the naked obsessions. She would take the girls skinny dipping in the ocean. I always kept my clothes on..well...almost always.


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