Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cleaning Tips

I've really been convicted about how I keep my house. It's so all or nothing...pretty much like everything else I do.

I am VERY good at cleaning, but only if it's really dirty.

I can clean one tiny spot for HOURS until it's perfect, but I cannot seem to keep things decently neat on a daily basis.

I start my days off with a million things I want to accomplish (and think I can accomplish), only to end the day unmotivated with only a few things checked off my list.

I am a list maker and take pride in checking things off. Only thing is it takes me about an hour to make a list...then I'm overwhelmed because there isn't enough time to do everything.

In the past I have made lists of a few tasks to do each day of the week to make keep up with things easier. It worked for a while, but then things got in the way and I would loose motivation.

Motivation. It's totally my issue.

I think, I might have found an answer to make my life a little more manageable and give me joy for getting stuff done.

I bought the chore chart for $7 because I found the coupon code giveaways that gives you $1 off.

I just printed it out and looked through it and it seems like it was designed for me. Down to the fact that the Daily chore list has 7 boxes so you can check it off every day. You can even get the chore charts with daily bible reading.

The thing I'm excited about is that it thinks of pretty much EVERYTHING. I mean even cleaning your computer screen and clipping your child's nails! Things I think about doing but never get around to. I'm SO excited about having a feeling of being on top of things enough that I could do little things like that...and check it off.

I just wanted to share because this was perfect for my need and I know a lot of people who read my blog would probably be interested in it too.

And one last little tip I have is something I learned from Leslie.

It is how to make an easy, simple, green, cheap all purpose cleaner. 1 part vinegar, 1 part water. Since you can buy those huge bottles of vinegar at walmart, for about $2 you can have years worth of cleaner.

I have been trying out different cleaners over the past year and this works a hundred times better than all the other. I personally love the smell of vinegar, but if you don't, the smell goes away after a few minutes.

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  1. Hi Helen Joy,

    Just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat...or was before I, too, purchased the chore plan for $7 (after coupon code - thanks for the tip!)...just started this week and already feel so much better about my time stewardship. :) Thanks for sharing and please know you are in my prayers during this time of loss. God is faithful and in Him. :)



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