Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Man I'm Proud Of

Today is my husband's 29th birthday. This has been a terrible year for many, many reasons. It seemed like come the first of the year, day after day brought new tragedies and hardships. I have seen Noah man up and work harder, I've seen him organize his life better, he's somehow managed to find a way to love me in a way I needed. He's a wonderful, interactive father who loves Barclay with a fierce and protective love. He has been warm arms for me to cry in, a provider who doesn't quit when things are tough.
I have seen more growth in him this year than since I first met him ten years ago. He is definitely not near perfect;-) BUT my heart is SO glad that the things that really matter, he possesses.

This story sums up just how special he really is:

We eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant quite often...(OK a lot. They have our Christmas card next to the register still... and it is April!). Once when we were there, apparently there was an older couple who took notice of Noah and how he treated those around him. Noah let them go ahead of him for waiting for a table. He was engaged and loving to each server, waiter, bus boy. He helped with the baby and talked to those around him. He was genuine and just oozed such a respect for everyone he came in contact with. They got his card and will be using him as their realtor. They told him that they saw how he treated people when no one was "looking", and they wanted to work with someone like that.

That is one of the many stories I could tell you about Noah and his precious heart. Unfortunately today I really couldn't buy him any physical presents this year. We have to wait for some closings for that. But he is so dear and so understanding. I know that just appreciating him for all his hard work will be more than enough.


  1. This was a beautiful post about your wonderful husband and I love the photo! If only there were more people in the world like him and more wives to pay tribute to their husbands like you!


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