Thursday, April 29, 2010

I feel sort of exposed. Naked really. This blog has been such a great place for me to record my feelings, the love I feel for Barclay...the love that cannot be described...and the frustrations and the sadness that come with life. I've loved sharing it with all of you who read.
But I feel like maybe I've taken it a little too far. I feel like a lot of people have stopped reading, because who wants to read the sad feelings of a tired mother day after day?
The past couple days I've felt like ending my blog and continuing to journal privately. In a place where it doesn't matter. But I love to blog, I love hearing from people who feel the same way or have experienced the same things. I love the random comments I get or the emails that say that my blog encourages them. So I'm going to stick to it. Because I just have been reading my posts from a year ago and the feelings of that time washed over me. What a special treasure to have such intimate feelings recorded.
So if you hate reading about our money troubles, my frustrations with my toddler, or my sadness over the loss of a pregnancy...come back in a few months...I'm sure I will have learned a lot from it all.


  1. I like when you are real. I was so sad at the beginning of your post that you were thinking about not blogging, but I am glad that you decided to keep with it! I find your blog really encouraging and a reminder that people can't really love you if you don't let them really know you. . .

    We all go through valleys. We have to in order to really recognize both our dependence on God as well as his never ending goodness to us.

  2. I think bloggers go through this at least once in their blogging "career". It just comes with the territory. I've been through this many times, and you see the newest blog that came from that. Keep it up if you want or tone it back if you feel you should. I'll still keep reading :) love you!

  3. Your blog reminds me that there are other mommies out there going through hard times too, and it's not just me. I need your blog!

  4. I will be reading still...we all have valleys and peaks that we go through.

    I want to know that people are real and not just putting the good out there.

    I don't have many that read me, maybe because I am too real? I don't know....

    do what is best for YOU-that is who you write for!


  5. I haven't ready much latley, but it has NOTHING to do with you...just my insane life these past few weeks! BUT DONT stop! One thing I don't think we do enough of is be REAL to eachother

    you wont always be sad! But, there is a time for everything...and now has been a time to cry


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