Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Big Uh Oh!

I don't know how he manages to do it, but Barclay is the MASTER at finding every little thing he isn't sapposed to get into. Right when I feel the house is safe and baby proofed...he finds something else.
Apparently I didn't shut the bathroom door like I usually am so careful to do. Because I kept hearing running water and couldn't figure it out. I when into the bathroom and found this. Barclay had turned the water on and overflowed the tub. I have no idea how long it was running like this.
Well thankfully the water didn't overflow on the wood floor...Bad news is we never really caulked the tub to the tile. I'm careful not to splash so it's been low on our priorety list. Well the running water was the sound of the water draining under the tub into our sub flooring.
Hopefully I caught it before it did too much damage.
Silly little boy!

The tub in all of its infinity pool glory.
And yes that is a naked bottom painting...done by moi.

That's right honey...uh oh!

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  1. Oh his little face is just too precious. He knows he's in for it now. . .

  2. oh dear!!! I can't help but first I was like, how did he get the water on, but I see how!! hope there is not much damage....

  3. Cal gets into the tub by himself now, so I have to make uber sure that all bathroom doors are closed. Scary!! -Amy


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