Tuesday, April 20, 2010

-I'm so tired of bleeding. I know it's normal but I'm just ready for it to be over.
-I go back to the Doctor on Friday, he's already told me that he prefers his patients wait 3-4 months before trying again (yeah...not happening.)
-Is he going to be mad at me if I get pregnant in the next couple months?
-I'm addicted to Collard Greens cooked with shallots, garlic, a little butter and white wine....Oh my word so good.
-It might just be my lack of patience, but it really seems like Barclay is just so fussy all the time.
-I had a friend come over today who basically is going through the exact same situation as I am. It was so wonderful to talk openly for hours about our babies and our hearts.
-I had zero stretch marks from Barclay but have three little ones on my side from this last pregnancy. Little reminders.
-Does anyone want to buy our house? It's really cute. I want to move so bad. I want to move to a smaller place near town. Where the neighbors are actually pleasant and there is no Home Owners Association. Where I can have community. We have a nice view though...if you're interested.

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  1. YUM!!! Collard greens & shallots sound amazing!!! i love them with vinegar and lemon and way too much salt :) also I would so love to live in the mountains! but i think we are going to be staying down here for a while...(sigh). unless we do a "house swap"!


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