Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thrifty Finds

So I have totally enjoyed reading Southern Hospitality's Blog. It's so inspirational and I feel like it a meeting ground for people just like me;-)
Last week, I was SO dissapointed because I couldn't particpate, because I had no finds to blog about, because I had no time to go to yardsales or thrift stores. I was determined to find something to blog about and last Monday went to 3 stores and found NOTHING.
Of course Tuesday I found some great stuff and then my partner in thrift store crime, Catherine came into town and we went thrifting some more:-)
So I have a couple things to blog about today:-) Yay!

Cute cotton, seersucker shorts for Barclay. $1.50. Too sweet to pass up for sure! He will look like a little southern gentleman in them!

An adorable purse! I loved it, but since I am probably going to be carrying a diaper bag for the next 10 years:-), I gave it to my sweet friend Catherine. It was too pretty to waste! $3

Cute striped pants for Barclay, brand new for $1.50. I always make sure to pick up anything I see that I like for the older sizes, because I know I'll be thankful I did when the times comes.

I bought this working leap frong "stand up and play thingy". It was $3.50.

Sorry for the finger in the frame, but this is a beautiful seersucker skirt for me! I love it and I can match my son now:-)

The worth of clean, pretty, clear jars is very apparent to me lately. This was gorgeous! I'm pretty sure it's from Pottery Barn or somewhere fancy like that because the glass is thin and it seems very expensive. I was needing something bigger to put cotton balls in, in our bathroom. This was $3.

I ran out of cotton balls, so just for the pictures, I filled it with breast pads...ha!

Why is it that a couple weeks after you search and search for something, do you always find numerous of them? My little Barclay loves excersaucers. I bought one from a friend of my mom's. My husband picked it up for $10 and I never saw it. It is the most boring excersaucer ever made! Nothing to do on it. It was a terrible deal. So I was on the lookout for a fun one. My friend Emily ended up lending me a terrific one! Barclay loves it so much! I found this one at goodwill and am going to sell it on Craigslist, since I saw how much these things go for. This works, is leap frog, and was only $8.50. I'm pretty sure I can at least get $30 for it.

Another view.

I found these awesome vintage dress patterns. I have a sweet cousin who is awesome at sewing so I'm going to send these to her. They are her style, plus they might be really cool to decorate with. $1 each.

This is actually from Michaels. I had a coupon for 50% off. I was just going to buy ribbon so I didn't want to just save a dollar or two. This was regularly like $40, but it was on clearance and with my coupon, it was only $6. I am in love with it!

Favorite find of the week. This beautiful iron magazine rack was $5! Seriously, the people who price things are kind of random. They have the ugliest things for $20 and this beauty for $5? I'll take it. I think I might

A cute dress for my friend's little bun in the oven. The flowers have little buttons in the middle of them:-) Since I don't have a little girl yet (but do have a stash of clothes for whenever I do), I buy cute girl clothes for her!

My makeup bag has a couple holes in it, so I was on the lookout for another one. This was 50 cents and it's nice and roomy, cute and has a handle on it.


  1. I love that magazine rack, and the apothecary jar. That's so funny what you put in there to take the picture!

  2. Hi Helen, You just cracked me up- breast pads in the jar! Hey they're white, too.... You have a problem just like the rest of us- you buy for later and for someone else... tee hee I've always loved seersucker clothes- so fresh and clean looking. Hope you can get some bucks for your little exersaucer on E-Bay. thanks for coming by- don't be a stranger. :-) Sue

  3. Such sweet clothes and useful stuff. I love glass so I love what you've done with the glass jar. Happy Thrifty Monday.

  4. Hey HJ, Cameron has the same "stand up" thing from the leap frog and she still plays with! I got it at goodwill for 4 bucks and then I saw it in a consigment store for $25 so we got a deal! and I love the dress u can save it for Cameron! just remember she is huge! haha size 24 months or 2t, I got a cute cute outfit for Barclay!

    love u

    Aurora and Cameron

  5. Hi, Helen Joy! So glad you joined the party & even went shopping to find some deals. Great stuff for your boy & love the magazine rack. You scored!


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