Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I realized tonight that I might be pregnant...I would never know. Because I have had all the symptoms since Barclay was born:
Sore Boobs...check
Emotional...double check check.
No Period...check
Extra weight around the middle...check
Don't worry a $7 test from INGLES put my weary mind to rest.
Soon following I enjoyed a homemade blood orange Margarita.


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  2. I accidentally commented on your post :-) glad you aren't preggers yet, tho!

  3. Looove the new look! And I think everyone goes through that first scare. I took a pregnancy test about a month ago. Before I took it, I started having dreams that I wanted to give away my baby, because I so didn't want to be pregnant again so soon! Horrible, I know. But I WAS glad to see that negative sign. For now...


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