Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Months

Barclay at 6 days old. He was totally tiny!

The big eyed picture. He has since grown into them:-)

Today Barclay is 4 months old! I feel like I should follow that statement with, "I can't believe how fast it has gone." But it's not true. I can't ever remember not having him in my life. Time as stood still for the past 4 months and I have treasured every moment of watching him grow and develop.
These are things he's doing that make me smile:

He chuckles...not laughs, not giggles, he chuckles. I say something, he pauses and then he chuckles.
He reaches for everything including me:-)
He can grab his mobile and every other toy we dangle in front of him.
He smiles huge gummy smiles.
He grabs his feet and sticks them in his mouth.

I cannot believe the love I have for this precious boy. I could barely sleep last night because I kept thinking and crying about the love I have for him.

I feel blessed beyond words to be his mother.

Happy Monthday Barclay!

Barclay at 4 months old being a very happy boy!


  1. I love his grin!!! Its too cute!

  2. I love watching you grow as a mother through your blog, HJ! and I LOVE the new layout and header!!

  3. Such a sweet, sweet've done a great job, HJ!


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