Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Bathrooms:-)

I have been so extremely busy this past month and have not been able to participate in Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday. I was determined to do it this week, even if, for me, it is Show Us Where You Live Sunday:-)

I always do before pictures so no one thinks I'm perfect:-)

Bathroom #1-Our Guest Bath

The baby bathtub, some toys, magazines...

More mess... I would say my house mess is 90% random stuff everywhere!

Poor John and Kate!:-( (see PEOPLE on counter)

And here is after a bit of cleaning...

I love the pop of the white against the green...although White hides NOTHING. These counters are a PAIN to clean and show every hair, every dust, everything!

Above the toilet.

Cute picture of Barclay when he was just teeny tiny!

My precious bird nest and eggs that I LOVE and found at yard sales. I am in love with this cup and soap dispenser! I got them at TJ max a LONG time ago before I even had a house to put them in. Very modern and organic!

Now here are before pictures of our Master Bathroom:

Clothes, luggage, all kinds of random things.

Spilt makeup, and rollers in the sink. Last time I dressed up was ALONG time ago, so it's been a while.

To do list, dirty diaper (yuck I know!) and I'm noticing in this picture it is near my toothbrush. Lovely...

Bathtub with all kinds of random bottles.

Now after A LOT of cleaning:

Again, these beautiful white counters are such a pain to clean! But it looks so pretty! This bathroom was originally a mushroom brown, I like this dark brown a lot better.

Our WONDERFUL storage shelves, I try to not fill them up so I'm ok with some empty ones. It's nice to have all this storage though.

A little painting I did of a lady getting out of the tub.

I know everything looks better in 3s so I couldn't figure out what to put in the 3rd jar. Cotton balls, q tips, and ? SO I filled another one with rocks. I LOVE it! I must admit, I was out of cotton balls, and instead of running to the store on this lay Sunday, I filled it with Breast Pads so you could get the effect. Hehe

A beautiful old vase my friend Rebekah gave to me a couple Christmas's ago! I LOVE it!

My favorite place in the whole house. My calm in the storm. I just have to take a little time to tell you what this bathtub means to me. We have lived in this house for 1 1/2 years and I've only taken 3 showers. The rest have been baths. I take baths at least 2 times a day. I have horrible migraines, and I when I'm in pain, I take a bath, when I'm sad, I take a bath, when I'm overwelmed, I take a bath. I spent hundreds of hours in this bath when I was pregnant. I held my belly and just imagined what life would be like with this new baby. I labored in this tub for about 20 hours before we finally went to the hospital. Now I take baths with my sweet baby. It is truly a special place to me and I'm so thankful for it!

I just figured out to do this today and am so excited about it! I found this cool wine rack at a goodwill in San Fransico for $5 when I traveled California my senior year of college, I carried it all day long in the city and brought it back and had to sacrifice a lot of things to pack it in my luggage. I love it but haven't liked putting our wine in it. So, since I do a lot of my reading in the bathtub, I decided to put magazines in it and also prop my books on it. I think it turned out awesome! I put the bottle I found at goodwill last week in the middle for some color.

Another view.

I decorated with this cool pottery vase we got for our wedding and a painting I did in college of a nude form:-) It's totally my favorite:-) It's nice and hidden from people who might take offense to it in here though:-)

Behind the door is my husband's shower. Since I never shower, I had no clue the condition of the shower. I was pretty horrified when I opened the door. It was BAD! It took me 30 minutes of hard core scrubbing to get it presentable. Kelly was right, glass showers are a pain to keep clean. Thank the LORD for Magic Earasers! They are great.

Thanks for checking out my bathrooms!


  1. Wow, your bathrooms are really pretty! You must have a big house! How many rooms does it have? Hope Barclay is doing better!

  2. Wow! I am completely jealous of your master bath, HJ!

    --Allison Read

  3. How do you have time to be a mom, a professional photographer, a decorator, cleaner, and blogger (x3 blogs, right?)...??? You're amazing! xoxo Emily

  4. Good idea with the magazines in a wine holder.

  5. Love your bathrooms... I love the colors! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

  6. couldnt help but notice your curlers were still plugged in while in the sink!lol.


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