Friday, June 19, 2009

Room of Doom-My Laundry Room:-)

My before picture!
Yikes!  my poor husband was SO thankful when I told him today was Show Us Where You Live Friday it was laundry rooms.  He's so cute and actually wanted me to get Kelly's address so he could personally write her a thank you note for all the cleaning I've been inspired to do!
I have a HORRIBLE habit of doing laundry all at one time and it ends up looking like this.  My husband comments to me all the time how backwards it is.  The clean laundry is on the floor (which I do sweep), and the dirty is in the laundry baskets!  I don't know how it gets like that, especially because every time I get ready to do it, I swear I'm going to do it right.  Stuff comes up though!  I'm also known for doing the wash and forgetting to put it in the dryer.

I used to use this mirror to make sure I looked hot before going places, now I use it to make sure I have no spit up or poop on me, or to check and make sure I didn't lactate all over myself:-)

We painted it a fresh beachy aqua, my little bit of the beach.  Now I must say, I really dislike doing laundry.  REALLY.  But I have had SO many apartments, houses, etc. in my life that I would have to go elsewhere to do laundry.  So even though I've been in this house for nearly 2 years, EVERY time I do laundry, I thank the Lord when I'm putting the detergent in.  I seriously do.  I'm so thankful for this wonderful convenience!

This is THE trash can that inspired my entire freshman college dorm room:-)  It's cracked in the bottom but I still use it for dryer lint:-)  I remember begging my mom for it in Bed Bath and Beyond.  She was a poor, single mother at that time so $5 was a splurge.  See Mom, I still love it!

This is something I did last week and I'm so proud of it!  I clean a lot of my closets...I know, when my house looks so bad, I go organizing the closets.  I made the closet in this room my project closet.  Now I had one of those in the other room, but as I put everything in there, I recorded it on this pad of paper, that way I don't forget about projects and if I have time, I can get one off the paper.  PLUS, I get to cross stuff off!  Which I love.  I also got rid of projects that I'd been wanting to do for SO long that I no longer want to do them:-)

THE list

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  1. Love your honesty!! Enjoy your baby... there will be plenty of time for clean, organized rooms later!!

  2. Most laundry rooms look just like yours at some point! I can't stand to do laundry every day so mine usually gets stacked up pretty bad too.
    My yougest little guy is only 6 days younger than yours. I saw your post about rice cereal too. Too cute! Enjoy all those precious moments~ they go by too fast!

  3. Thanks for the comment and the prayers!

  4. Hi! I enjoyed your comment on my playroom post (the messy one). I read through your entire first page of blogs (should be getting ready for bed) and I, for the most part laughed. Sometimes it sounded like my life. You are so real and sincere and honest. Love it! My son, Scout, was born Feb 14, 2009 - so 10 days younger than Barclay. I am with you on people who tell you to nap when they do - doesn't happen. Fortunately my guy has been a great sleeper at night from the get go. He does about 9-10 hours a night these days. Started about 2.5 weeks ago. But I miss him. I love to nurse and just watch his chubby little cheeks (like you) and I never get to sleep before 11:30, no matter how tired I am. Then I'm up around 2 or 3 because that's just what my body is use to doing. Anyway, I could talk all night (but I should sleep, really). I think I'm going to enjoy your blogs!
    ps...loved the before and after photos - reality :o)

  5. I totally know what you mean about not getting to the laundry. You should see my room with 3 baskets FULL of clothes. My husband is so ready for me to fold them.

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! If it's one thing Kelly's tours are good for, it's getting us to all clean at least one room in our homes each week (although you can see I didn't do much cleaning in my "bonus" room!)

  7. I totally laughed out loud reading your mirror commentary! That cleaned up very nicely- you know, as long as you have clean clothes to wear!

  8. Love the before and after. You're inspiring me to tackle a spot this weekend. Unfortunately, my area in the basement would take days.

  9. WOW your house is a mess!!!!!!!!!!! you NEED to clean:(

  10. I'm so teenaged daughter left that last comment. Please disregard it.


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