Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Post from my Random Head

Because I can barely string three words together anymore, I thought I'd just write out my thoughts...

Could be frightening!

-Seriously I'm obsessed with Spaghetti Squash. I made some for dinner last night and ate nearly the whole thing. I dreamed about and cannot wait to go purchase another one and eat that. I'm so bad about liking something and eating only that for days... This is better than Andes Mints though at least:-)

-I just found out that QUINOA is pronounced (Keen-WA) instead of (QIN Noah). Darn! I always could remember it because it had my husband's name in it. I feel like a poser now because I've been saying it so much because I'm so proud I know what it is.

If you don't know what it is, it's a grain that has all the essential proteins in it. Basically a perfect food:-)

-I have worn make up four times this month! Mostly because my sister taught me how to do my eyes and I feel very smoky when I do them.

-I found something I love...OK I was sucked into it from watching America's Next Top Model but I love it. I'm telling you what, I am a marketer's dream. I cannot watch commercials because I believe it all:-) I also always get sucked into those scams...like win two free tickets to Paris no strings attached. I always get so sad when at the end I have to buy a million magazines or whatever...Anyhow this lip stain stuff is awesome because Noah hates sticky lip stuff and it actually makes my lips look really pretty.
-Sometimes I get frustrated because although I do ask for advice, I'm not stupid when it comes to children, I did help raise a couple of them (aka all my younger siblings). Seriously I've had people suggest that maybe Barclay has a dirty diaper or maybe he's hungry as a reason for his 6 hour crying spells. Seriously? I don't want to be rude, but you would have to be an idiot not to think of that.
-I cannot wait for Noah to get his sleep apnea testing done on the 18th because I miss sleeping with him. But every time I try it's just too frustrating and impossible to go to sleep. It is seriously like musical beds in this house every night.
-I'm getting so frustrated with always answering "Tired" when people ask me how I am.
-I saw a very pregnant woman in target who was picking out little boy clothes. I tried so hard not to bother her and say something but it just jumped out of my mouth!
I said, "Awww you're having a little boy?"
She looked at me with annoyed eyes, "Yes"
"Little Boys are the BEST! I can't tell you how much I love my little boy" I said
"That's what everyone tells me..." She said in a truly annoyed voice.
Oh No! I did what I swore I'd never do! I gave unwanted "advice". Oh well.
-These are the top phrases that have been said to me hundreds of times since Barclay was born:
"Enjoy them, they grow up too fast."
(although I know it's true, it doesn't help anything. I'm enjoying him and I can't do anything about the other part. Do some people not enjoy their kids?)
*I know I will probably be saying that to every baby mama I see in a couple years, but for now I hope people would think of something a little more creative.
-"Is he a good baby?"
(this is always a hard one because he's not bad, he doesn't drink or smoke on the corner with friends, or disobey me, but he cries all the time. I feel like if I say "No, he's not a good baby." that I'm implying that he means to be bad or that he can help his crying, which is not the case.)
-"Sleep when he sleeps."
(although this makes sense, I do not have that luxury and I don't think many women do. If I sleep when he sleeps, when do I have a chance to do the laundry or wash dishes, or SHOWER or edit photos? IF he sleeps at all, I have a million other things to do. This mostly frustrated me when I had a newborn.)
OK enough venting about that. I KNOW that people mean well and I know that I am always "asking for it" but it's just frustrating to this sleep deprived mama.
The one thing I never get tired of hearing:
"Can you believe how much you love them?"
(I seriously can't!)
-I feel this connection with every mother I see out and about. It's a quick glance of the eyes or a knowing smile. But I feel like I'm in a secret club and the thing that brings us all together is that fact that the love we feel cannot be explained!
OK....on to more pleasant things!
-Barclay has started sticking out his tongue and spitting. It is hilarious. He spits and I laugh and then he laughs and it's just a blast. I wonder when I should start telling him it's not nice to spit at people:-)
-He can now grab his mobile and any other toy we hand down in front of him.
-He was 15 lbs 8 oz at his appointment yesterday! He's developing very nice rolls on his thighs
-I thought I felt a baby kick in my belly the other day. I'm starting to miss being pregnant (at least the sweet parts).
-I find myself resting my hand on my womb...even though it's empty.
-Another question I get a lot is when we want to try for number 2.
(well I have no idea. First we have to get this little one fixed up, plus I'm totally enjoying completely giving my attention to Barclay. But...I don't want to wait too long. I'm thinking 2 years between them should be just about perfect).
-Well even though I have a lot of other random thoughts the baby needs me so I shall depart.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

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