Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hunt

So yesterday Noah, Barclay and I headed back from Florida on a 10 plus hour trip. We were exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically, and I 95 is SO boring! In the first hour we had to stop 3 times for:
-a baby who was hardly breathing because of crying so much
-a dirty diaper
-gas (the car, not Barclay)

One thing I have noticed with myself is that especially on trips (and ok every day), I'm always thinking about the next meal. Immediately when we get on the road, I ask Noah what he feels like for dinner. Because it is the only oasis in this long 10 hour trip. I wanted to think about it and get excited about it. Immediately we both felt like a good pizza with veggies on it. So we start looking on our GPS. This suddenly turns into an obsession and we send the next 2 1/2 hours looking up places on our phones, the GPS. We called about 15 places. We were considering even going off the highway 10 minutes for this one place! (Crazy when our arrival time was supposed to be 2 am already). It became completely out of hand. By this time Barclay was sleeping in the back for 2 hours (Praise the Lord!). We finally decided on an Express Pizza Hut. Mostly because the other options were too far away and our tummies were ready for pizza. So we finally pulled off on the exit and see a Chinese place right in front of us. We look at each other and at the same time say, "Chinese?". We almost went for it but we decided to stick with Pizza. We pulled in and got Barclay out to feed him. He wasn't too happy about that. We walk in and it is HORRIBLE. The little ready to go pizzas had a time on it that they were made and had been sitting there for over an hour. So Noah made the decision that we were going to eat at the Chinese place. So we put our very upset baby back in the car and drive to the Chinese place. First warning should have been the lack of creative name. It was called China 1. We went in and I started feeding Barclay. The buffet was SO awful. Beyond gross Chinese awful. The broccoli was actually black. Nothing looked appetizing. They didn't have Chinese donuts! Which are always the fix all to a bad Chinese meal. It was truly awful and Noah and I were SO upset that after so many hours of thinking and planning, we ended up with THAT. Yuck! Noah said, "Hey HJ, it's not so bad. They have fruit." I ran up there to find canned peaches and old watermelon. Worst Chinese restaurant ever. Best time cracking up with my husband ever. It was even worse when we got the bill and realized that we actually had to pay for that inedible stuff. We didn't complain because we were in a rush and because several people there WERE enjoying it. I seriously laughed and cried for like an hour at how after 2 plus hours to plan, we ended up with the worst place. I HATE fast food, but seriously I would have gladly switched my meal there with Wendy's any day.
Plus side of the day. We did get a fortune cookie.

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  1. That sounds AWFUL! I'm glad y'all were able to find some humor in it, though. I think I would have acted much worse if I was in that situation. Anyway, glad y'all had a safe trip home.


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