Monday, June 8, 2009

Shower Stories

Barclay and I and the Bride:-) Barclay wore his very best outfit.

This past Saturday I got to go to my good friend Bethany's Bridal Shower! It was wonderful to be with her and some other friends from college to celebrate Bethany and her upcoming wedding!
This day brought back a lot of memories about my own bridal showers and the stories are just to funny not to share!

Such as, when I was at a church shower for me and I opened up a box of tall beer glasses. The whole room echoed in a big GASP! It was silent for only a second when I replied,
"Oh these are perfect for me to put my flowers in!"
And a communal exhale followed.

I'm telling you, Bridal showers rock! You get wonderful things to start you new life off with, and you are surrounded by people that love you. But I must say that they can be extremely awkward, especially for people like me who are really into thanking people specifically for gifts.

It's like:
"Oh a plate! I love it! Now I can eat!"
And then you open another plate...
"Perfect! Now I have two plates! Noah and I can eat together!"
Another plate follows...
"Now we can have a guest!"
Yet another plate...
"Now we can have a couple over for dinner!"

You get the picture.

There is only so much you can say about towels and kitchen things.

Then there is the awkwardness that is the double gift! Like when you receive two different coffee makers at the same shower. Everyone looks at you like, what are you going to do so as not to hurt one of the gift giver's feelings.

You say, "Thank goodness! Sometimes I can't make it out of bed for my coffee so I was hoping to put one next to my bed!"

Bethany was very blessed to have received lots of wonderful things off her registery.
I did as well, with the addition of:
about 8 Irish blessings
a patriotic cake stencil
and several other odd gifts.

This is a true story of what happened at a kitchen shower of mine.
Picture this:
My 90 year old neighbor sitting in the very front row examining every gift thoroughly and commenting on how wonderful they were and how she never had anything like that when she was a newly wed.
I then open a present from a random person that ended attending the shower (they shall remain nameless). Out I pull an apron and a "toy". Not a toy for children either! I had no idea what to do! Everyone was looking at me, including the my elderly neighbor who was dying to know what it was. I ended up tossing it behind me and exclaiming that it was part of the packaging or something like that.
It was horrifying!

This shower reminded me so much of my past experiences. There were 4 matriarchal characters sitting on the front row and every item had to be paraded in front of them to see. What fond memories it brought back!

Now that I have experienced a baby shower, I will say that coming up with something to say about sweet baby things is a lot easier!

Congrats Bethany!

Here's a few pictures of the event.

The beautiful bride with her non-flower corsage:-)

She wore her Chacos! Just like her:-)

The happy couple with some humorous shots!



  1. I'm so glad you took pictures! I was sad I had stupid mandatory rehearsal and couldn't come :( Looks like you guys had fun! Yay Bethany :)

  2. That is too funny about the beer mugs!! I can just picture it at a church shower :) (were they from someone there?!)
    And the "toy"!!! how horrifying! I'm not sure what I would have done! :)

    I received some lingerie at a shower that wasn't a themed shower, but it was ALL older ladies that had been involved in my life... the other gifts were cookbooks, teapots, towels, etc. It was slightly uncomfortable, but nothing too bad!


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