Friday, April 20, 2012

Miscarriage Pain

I am so blessed. Every single day I look around (at the chaos!) and say, "God, you are so good! I don't deserve this!" I have a loving husband, an adorable house, lots of friends, and especially I have my two little boys who I've dreamed of for my lifetime.

Today I was reading through some of Kelly's Korner's Moms who have lost children and a flood of emotion came over me. I CANNOT begin to imagine the deep sorrow of so many. Having to birth a baby that you know will never live, burying a child you've loved for years, or never ever being able to have a baby. One thing I've learned, is to never lesson someone's pain. Don't put heartache on a sliding scale.
I miscarried twins at 11 weeks (well actually I had a DandC after several weeks of bleeding). Though people meant well, everyone was saying, "at least it wasn't further a least you have a baby already..." Although I know they meant well, "I wanted to scream, "I STILL HURT!".
I wrote a post a while back HERE that sums up my feelings on dealing with friends going through loss.

I just went through and copied the links to some of the posts I did two years ago that really were raw and honest about how I was feeling. Maybe it can encourage someone out there. Or maybe it can make someone feel like they aren't alone.

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  1. SO sorry you know the pain of loss. I read MY WILL BE DONE. I have to say I have felt that way so many times through clenched teeth I have uttered your will be done. Thank the good lord he gives us strength when we are all worn out. Those thing people say HURT so much.

  2. I also miscarried twins at 11 weeks (nearly 11 years ago). I saw your entry on Kelly's Korner and had to comment since it hit such a note with me. I'll be praying for strength for you.

  3. You are an amazing person to have gone through such pain, and yet be determined to see the good in things. God bless you! CSH


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