Thursday, April 5, 2012


*Why for goodness sake can no one make attractive wide shoes? Seriously?! There is an untapped market out there. I have been waiting with money saved to buy a pair of semi attractive yellow, navy or red shoes. I have looked everywhere and they do not exist. Imagine my excitement when I saw that aerosoles made wide width...but when I clicked up came pages and pages of ugly, dull, orthapedic shoes.
*Having two kids is hard. I have just recently come to this conclusion. While Sullivan was a calm baby he is non stop trying to climb things, does not like to play with toys AT ALL, and is constantly wanting attention. When Barclay is at school two days a week, he just gets pissed off. The kid likes to always be going and to always have a buddy. So I signed him up for school this next year. Even though it's a little earlier than I sent Barclay, I need a break and Sullivan needs some buddies.
*I am very discouraged. I have worked out hard core for 2 months, I have also started eating even healthier than my already healthy eating and I still continue to gain weight. My doctor put me on some hormones since my thyroid was pretty low and I have seen zero help from that. I just feel like giving up. The only time I've lost weight in the past 5 years is when I'm pregnant. Tempting...
*I now feel that at the weight I'm at, I'm not even expected to look pretty. I don't feel like people even think it's possible. Whenever I go clothes shopping, I just feel like there is no possible way for me to look attractive. I want so badly to have a style and to look cute. But I feel like I'm just in a time out for now.
*Despite the woes of my weight, I have really fallen in love with taking classes at the YMCA. Zumba, ballet fusion, and yoga are my favorites. Plus they watch my kids and my kids have fun. Win.


  1. Payless makes wide width. I just bought a pair of super cute yellow shoes that came in wide. You can order them online and have them sent to your local store. Yah, they're cheap but that way you can buy more!


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