Friday, April 13, 2012

From all girls to all boys:-)

I grew up, the oldest of 5 girls. It was the best because I always had a friend! Even today I am very close with all 4 of my sisters. I didn't grow up with my dad around much and so you could say that I was a little "girl power" proud.
Since I was able to remember, I had always imagined having all girls of my own. Tea parties, dolls, cute little hippy dresses, pig tails...etc. I could see it all in my mind.

Imagine my absolute shock when I found out that we were going to have a SON in the fall of 2008! I held it together in the doctor's office but immediately in the car I just started bawling! It sort of went like this,

"He'll never really love me! I wont know what to play with him! The clothes aren't cute! Isn't it weird to breast feed a boy?" All kinds of strange little worries were rolling off my tongue.

Immediately I went to Old Navy where I had seen a blue onesie with an owl on it that I had said I would buy if I were to ever have a boy. After buying it I felt little better. Then I started looking through goodwill racks for cute little boy jackets or a hat. I soon had started working on the nursery with all things little, old Huckleberry Finn books, Tom Sawyer books, trucks, adventure stories... And then I started getting excited. Then we named him the perfect name...Barclay. And then I fell in love. By the time he was born, I couldn't care one bit whether he was a boy or a girl. I just loved HIM. I loved my Barclay.
Since he was born, I have come to realize that I certainly do love all things little boy. They sure are different than my gentle, nurturing little sisters, but they are WONDERFUL.

18 months after having Barclay I cut into a cake to reveal a BLUE center indicating that our second son was on his way. Again, I was so sure we were going to have a little girl that I was a little bit disappointed for the first few hours, but I knew that it didn't matter in the end. That in the end I was getting my Sullivan...not just any+ boy.

So now I've moved from being one of many in my family of girls to completely surrounded by boys! And I wouldn't change a thing.
I now notice ever single "digger" or big truck that we pass. I get excited about road construction! I am constantly cleaning up from forts and obstacle courses that have been set up through my house. My boys still rock their one little baby doll once in a while and I still get lots and lots of kisses and snuggles, but for the most part it is go go go with climbing, biking, sliding and getting DIRTY! I enjoy dressing my boys every day and they always look adorable. Most of all, I just love watching them grow and one day pray that my boys are godly men who are respectful, unselfish and fun!

I always imagine this little conversation between high school girls going on in my head..." Oh the George boys are so dreamy! They're so respectful and kind! I hope that one of them will ask me to prom;-)"

We would love to add one more baby to our family and you know what? I would actually be a little sad if it wasn't a little boy!
I could not imagine my life with anything other than my two little boys. They are the best!


  1. I found your blog on Kelly's Korner. That little picture with the sunglasses is too cute. It is so fun having boys. I have two.


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