Friday, April 13, 2012

Darn Marketing

Dear Victoria's Secret,
You almost got me. Your stupid sneaky little ways nearly got me to spend some money. Last month when I bought a much needed new bra, I was given a super special secret rewards card with 10, 50, 100 or 500 dollars on it. It couldn't be activated until April and it had to be activated either at a store while buying something or online while buying something.
The mear thought that I might actually be in the possession of 500 worth of maxi dresses, long skirts, cute yoga clothes...and maybe some underwear made me act like an idiot today.
I packed up both of my boys and took the 45 minute trip to Asheville to go to the mall. (I had Yoga class near there so it wasn't too out of the way). Of course we get there before the mall opens...the mall opens at 10 by the way! We walk around with the old people, I let the boys climb on the riding toys (which they still think are great without having to pay 75 cents;-). Then it became 10 and the doors opened and everything went crazy. My baby started screaming, Barclay ran 6 stores down from me and hid underneath a maniquin in AE. I was SO mad at him until I saw the exact sort of flip flops I had been looking everywhere for two moths for! So I purchased them (with little breaks to run and drag my 3 year old back towards me). Then I ran into Gap kids to grab some swim trunks I had a coupon for. This quick little errand took 15 minutes as I sweated, chased, and tried to sooth the crying baby. Barclay at one point was wearing big sunglasses from the women's department and was dancing with a maniquin in the window. Oh and he also stuffed size 4 white jeans into the bottom of our double bob stroller and I nearly walked out with them.
Last stop, darn Victoria's Secret to find something under 10 dollars to see if I had won 500! I could not find anything! Breath mints, but I'd have to buy a few stupid stroller wouldn't fit any but one of the 10 aisles. Barclay was in big time time out at this point and was non stop asking me for a treat. Sully is still crying. I finally find a red lip gloss for 7 bucks and look at my phone and realize that I have to load up the kids, drive 20 minutes, park, unload, take the kids to child care and make it to yoga in 25 minutes! So as she rang up my "free" lip gloss and told me I had 2.07 left on my card, I just start angrily running towards the car.
Once there, Barclay promptly (like it was a line in a movie) pipes up,
"I pooped, Mom".
I seriously couldn't believe that I had pretty much taken an entire morning to save 10 dollars on something I didn't even need.
Sneaky Marketing, next time I'll just throw it away. Or maybe I will just go get free lip gloss...just in case;-)

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  1. Ugh. You sound like you just had just as rough of a day as I did...and those marketing...just toss it unless it's those Old Navy ones. Those seem to come in handy for me. Haha.


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