Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Sullivan!

Sweet Sullivan,
My whole life, since I can remember, I have had an inward drive to achieve the next step in life. I've always been motivated and rarely content. I went to school early, married early, had Barclay before any of my friends were even thinking about babies. The second I met your daddy, I couldn't think straight until I married him. The day after I married him I was wanting a baby SO badly, the day after having Barclay I wanted another baby. It's like there has always been a race for me to run.
30 minutes after you were born and I was assured you were alive and well (we had some very scary complications), I was overwhelmed with the contentment that flooded my heart. I felt so content, so peaceful and not in a rush to do anything but soak up how blessed I was. I thought it would just last a few days, but this entire year, I have been nothing but content with my life. Having you has completed our family (even if we do decide to have more babies later). You have brought a certain personality to our home that we so desperately needed! You are peaceful, easy going and just plain delightful!
I was able to really relax with you since I was confident in my mothering skills from my poor guinea pig, Barclay. I co-slept with you from day one and enjoyed doing a lot of attachment parenting with you. I feel so in tune with you. I feel like I know you so well.
Despite having to have 2 surgeries in two months, having horrible ear infections constantly, you are so pleasant. You smile and coo and bat your beautiful, thick lashes and completely melt my heart.
You are so different than your brother, in almost every way. I love watching your personality develop more and more as you grow.
You are not predictable at all. You have NEVER napped at the same time your whole life, try as I might. But yet you just go with flow, no matter if you're tired or sick.
The only complaint I have about you is that you are NOT a good sleeper. Just in the past week have you consistently slept through the night. A lot of it was ear troubles, and then bad habits but I think we might have broken through and are on our way to both feeling a little more rested.
You, my son, are a bottomless pit. You are constantly hungry and I am constantly feeding you! I cannot believe how much you eat! I'm worried for our grocery bill when you're in high school!
I can't wait to see what you are like this next year. To hear you talk more than the few words you say, and to see you become your own little person.
I love you and am so thankful to the Lord that he knew better than us, and gave us you.
Love Mama


  1. I love it, and I sure Sullivan will too when he is older! :)

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