Monday, May 28, 2012

People Watching 2012

For the past 4 years, my little family has gone to Merlefest every April for a wonderful weekend of sunshine, good bluegrass, and dancing.  And every year I am in awe of the people watching wealth that so many are missing!  I could sit for hours watching people walk by in get ups that I couldn't have thought up in a million years.  It's priceless and FREE entertainment. 
This year I packed up the car and headed towards Boone NC to spend the night so we would be close for an early start to Merlefest 2012.  In the next 12 hours, Sullivan vomited about 12 times (I kept telling myself it was carsickness...), I ran into a car in the parking lot and I got the dreaded stomach bug and puked my guts out for 10 hours.  Not a good night.  
The next day, I decided to push through and go because I thought I was over it.  Also I secretly worried that all my facebook and blog fans would abandon me if I didn't put out this year with my crazy people pictures...;-)
Well, I took two pictures and spent the next 5 hours face down in the grass or dirt (depending on where my family was enjoying music).  I passed out every few minutes and was frequenting the port a jons (bleh!) and trash cans.  Once I even awoke to a Christian tract next to my head.  I guess they thought this poor drunk needed Jesus!
So I'm including my two pictures from Merlefest:
This charming lady wore a beautiful maxi dress and her best...doll hat?!  She also was sporting a doll umbrella but in between consciousness I didn't manage to get a shot of that.  I'm sure she thought I was a looser mother as I was laying on my face moaning next to her for an hour.   

I was just pretty much jealous of this guy and his awesome tshirt and cool fedora.  
If you are blind, his shirt reads, "Nothing Tips Like a Cow!"

Well I didn't want to be a looser and disappoint with just these two pictures so I took my camera for an afternoon in Asheville and capture some more weirdos;-)  It was Sunday so it was pretty calm for Asheville but I still managed to get some good stuff.  Enjoy!

This cool chica was wearing a vest backwards as a shirt and was rocking a side rat tail?  I wonder what that vest would look like on me... ha!
This guy was very intense.  I was surprised he didn't have an apocalyptic sign somewhere on him.

A close up

The mask and the sharpied bible verse freak me out a little bit. 

I thought this guy was pretty adorable.  Like an adult elf.  I started craving shortbread immediately.

I just wonder the though process of this girl.  "I think I'll get a John Deer Tractor and an Indian lady on my bicep."

A cool band with some neat style.

Zesty little lady with a robot tattoo.

It's "the antimohawk" moss green.

These two were seen all around town just having a very intense discussion.  I was pretty sure that they weren't real soldiers.  Strange little Asheville boys.

I love that they are eating nerds.


This guy was very out of place with a beach 4 hours away.  It must have been laundry day.

This is truly the worst one ever.  This lady thought she could rock black panty hose (with no undies!) and white tennis shoes.  Don't look too closely.

A pop of red goes a long way.  I think this guy was friends with the cute elf guy.

This lady was ROCKING this jumper.  I was in true envy.  Seriously people, the site of me in this would probably make people jump off cliffs.


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