Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My short time of joy

Well last Friday (the 18th) I found out I was pregnant!

I was absolutely thrilled and so excited! We've sort of been trying since December.

I had a great first few days of this pregnancy. I just was overflowing with joy an shared it with family and friends. I know that babies are not a guarantee and I just decided to embrace every day no matter what. I found out the morning before a camping trip
with friends. I thought it was very special to be pregnant for that. I also had a blissful afternoon date with my husband for our anniversary. We just ate and kissed and talked about the baby.

Then the morning we went to the beach for a few days i started bleeding and I knew my time
with this baby was coming to an end. I think deep down, I knew all along it would be short. Being on the beautiful beach with waves crashing around me was a perfect way to say goodbye. We miscarried our baby.
Of course I'm sad, but I feel at peace. I'm thankful I miscarried early. And I'm very thankful that I was joyful for the short time I had.

I found a tiny, perfect, yellow sea shell that I will keep as a reminder of this sweet baby that I loved.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to spend some time knowing that this baby was here.

  2. Made me teary eyed! Such a touching story!


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