Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I want to be better about

1.Wearing a bra around the house! I know it's easier when nursing to have less things to pull up, but I have to make it a top priorety to put that thing on in the morning. Otherwise my other children will be able to nurse while I stand up.
2.Not using our nice throw blankets, my shirts, our curtains, etc as burp clothes.
3.Trying to be perfect. I need to get over it and just do the best I can.
4.Eating so many Andes Mints (my latest obsession). I think avacados are a better obsession for my health.
5.Not brushing my hair but once a week. The take a shower and put my hair in a bun thing isn't very flattering.
6.I need to stop buying things. I do not need many of the little things I buy, but I get so much joy out of finding deals. I will post about these deals later on.

Things I think are fine the way they are...
1.Dropping everything I am doing to make my baby giggle and kiss his sweet face...and toes...and fingers...and head...

I really feel brain dead right now so I think I stop with that. I'll probably write something more interesting later on. If I can get out of this I-don't-sleep-haze.

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  1. have you considered Couponing to get your shopping/deal fix??? i have just started it. very nice. I have many friends who are young parents and who do this to deal with wanting to shop. you get your groceries/personal items and a good deal. let me know if you do that...or if you want to start and i will send you some helpful links.


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