Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Also 4 years ago...

It was on our 3 year anniversary last year that I took a pregnancy test at 6 am. Here's the story:

I had taken about 10 pregnancy tests in the past two months and had seen so many negative signs. I used to be positive that I was pregnant and pray every time I would wait the three minutes to see the result.

I bought one because I was having symptoms again and thought I would go ahead and take one on our anniversary because IF it was positive, it would make a cool story.

I hid the test in our luggage since we were going to a little bed and breakfast. I hid it partly because I wanted to surprise Noah and partly because he would have been mad at me for buying yet another pregnancy test.

You know how it is when you want to take a test... You have to wait for the "morning pee" and you can barely sleep. I got up as soon as I woke up and ran to the bathroom. It is always a trick to hold your pee in long enough to get the test out of the least it is for me.

I seriously was just going through the motions and was expecting another negative result. I didn't even pray! I all the sudden look over and the word PREGNANT was glowing from the stick.

Previously, I had planned to surprise Noah with a cute little speech later that day about how he was going to be a Dad (IF the test was positive).

That all went out the window when I saw that little word. I started shaking like crazy and ran into the room and jumped on the bed screaming.

"I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! You're going to be a Daddy!"

Noah's response was deer in headlights. He was rudely awakened from his sleep and couldn't believe it. I tried to show him the test which resulted in him screaming,
"Get that thing away from my face, you peed on it!"

Typical Noah:-)

Four years ago Barclay was the size of a poppy seed and now he's a beautiful baby boy who isn't so little anymore.

Here are things Barclay is entertaining me with these days:

Holding and sucking his sweet feet
"Talking" very sweetly to different inadament objects.
Grabbing everything...especially my hair.
Holding little softees when he goes to sleep.
Laughing when I kiss his neck.
Grabbing at his toys.

I can't believe that I am a Mommy now and that it's only been a year from the day I saw that word on that stick to this.

Thank you LORD for my blessing!

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