Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nagging little things...

You know those little things that you think about ALL THE TIME, but just never find time to do. Well I thought I'd relieve just a little bit of burden today and DO some of them. It felt good. I should definitely do it more often.

Our porch has looked like this for the past 3 months. Yes we know it was a boy, THREE MONTHS ago, but it's time to put that away (for the next baby), also there is an open house sign (not for our house) and a vase of dead flowers. They are very very very dead now. Also, the rocking chair is covered in pollen.

It took 5 minutes and now every time I walk to my front door, I don't have to feel guilty.

One thing I didn't fix yet is my dead ivy. Another day...

Here is a nice empty pot on my stairs. It's been empty for almost a year.

So I planted something in it.

This pot with the weed and the dead sticks I didn't get to yet.

I went to an herb festival in Asheville on Saturday and got all these wonderful herbs! I'm so excited. I definitely don't have a green thumb and cringe at planted flowers for some reason. But I love to plant things I can use in cooking. Last year, it was such a pity. I got all these herbs and vegetables, spent hours planting them, and then I got pregnant... I was so sick I couldn't water them, weed them, even pick them! I had tons of tomatoes and I couldn't bring myself to pick them. It made me sick to think about. See this post for my aversion to produce.

My favorite new herb. Green Lime Thyme. Smells delicious!

I got to plant my lettuce! Which means very soon, I wont have to buy it!

I have had this smear on my window (from a fly catcher I put up there, to catch the fruit flies that were attracted to my acidic puke in the sink...gross I know) for almost a year as well. I see it every day and just never got the goo be gone to get it off. It really bugs Noah, but I guess not enough to make him clean it up:-)

My clean window.

Ok, I have to post what my living room looks like now, because this is project that I want to work on in the next couple of days. This is the hallway with unpacked luggage from two weeks ago (I'm terrible about leaving luggage out!).



I went to a couple yard sales at churches this weekend and wanted to post what I found, because I was really excited.

This was originally a basket, and I took the handel off of it. The basket was $1 and I loved it. I love nests. I also bought those ceramic eggs (that look real) for $3. I think it makes the guest bathroom so cozy. It matches the soap dispenser too!

A side view.

I love owls and found these for $1 each. The smaller one is to go over a candel holder, and the bigger one is empty on top for pens, or I could plant an herb in him. Owls are really in now. But I liked them before that.

I bought these vingate hari nets for $2 each and KNOW I will use them for a photo shoot soon.

I actually got these at Goodwill and love them for photo shoots. Big tutus are in for child photography and I'm glad to have some in case someone requests them.

The best find...I got all this raw silk fabric (a bolt) for $5. I might try to recover my orange couch with it, or just make pillows and curtains with it.

$5! I thought it would be $50. These are currently my two favorite colors too!

A cute sign for $2 that will go in our foyer. I wish the dirt did stop there, but at least I can have the sign;-)

I got this at Walmart today, but it is wonderful! Barclay has a terrible terrible cold and has had a hard time breathing, even with baby vicks vapor rub, humidifier, saline, etc. I put him in a warm bath and he sighed and sighed. It was like he was taking big deep breaths. Then he smiled alot. It made me feel so much better that he was breathing well. Then he took a nap after the bath...SCORE!

Which is why I was able to write this...

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