Monday, May 11, 2009

The Weight in my Arms

This weekend I wrote some poems for me little boy...I know I'm so mushy!:-) I don't think I'm a great poet or anything...but this poem describes exactly how I feel. Even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else...

Oh weight in my heart...Oh weight in my heart...
A pulling. A tugging from the depths of my soul
The tears that have drenched my aching arms
A need so indescribable that no words are found
Oh weight in my heart...

Oh weight in my womb...Oh weight in my womb...
A tiny foot pressed into my hand, so I know you are there.
A flutter of love that I cannot see
A connection so close it feels like a secret
The warmth of my love surrounding you safe
Oh weight in my womb...

Oh weight in my arms...Oh weight in my arms!
A breeze of milky sighs kiss at my neck
The rise and fall of a belly so full
The flicker of an eye lash, the smile in your dreams
The smell of your head and the gentle back and forth of your hand on my chest
Oh weight in my arms...

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  1. oh, helen joy that was beautiful.. you are wrong - you are a great poet. just beautiful. keep writing, please!


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