Friday, May 22, 2009

My Dining Room:-)

It's Friday again so that means Show Us Where You Live Friday at Kelly's Korner.

Today is Dining Rooms.

I love our dining room and we actually use it a good amount. It's in the same big room as the kitchen so I usually use it as counter space when I cook as well. My husband and I LOVE to have company and we host a lot of dinners.

My mother was always open for anyone to come over for dinner, she's taught me so much about being a good hostess.

I always show a before picture to show what my room really looked like this week...

Not too bad, in my opinion. Let's see we have a random assortment of:
Gripe water, dates, french press, clear glasses, cooler, salad bowl, scarf, business card, address I tore out that I need to keep, mail, duster, IB profen, Christmas candy?
It's sort of a dumping ground for us and since there are only 2 adults who eat at this table daily, we usually just clear one end.

A better view for you.

And now after only 15 minutes of cleaning and vacuuming.

A view of the whole room.

I love my dining room set! I worked hard for it too. I worked at World Market doing the furniture building and semi truck unloading for a couple months and used my discount to by this table and 8 chairs (I have two still not built in the box). This line got discontinued and it was my favorite. I ended up paying about $300 for everything. Which is a steal! It's heavy duty solid and heavy. I love the color and the modern shape.

I got these pretty heavy beige drapes at Ikea. I love them. I still have yet to hem them though. Long drapes are in right?!

Sticks my mom gave me for Christmas in a vase she spray painted and a few bottles of wine.

My wonderful "china cabinet". I looked forever for a china cabinet that didn't scream GRANDMA and never found one I liked. When I was working at World Market, I was in love with this book case. I drooled over it constantly. I told my husband I wish we could buy it but it seemed silly to pay that much for a book shelf. He suggested we use it to display our white china on. What a brilliant idea! I love how it looks! Plus it's really easy to get out and put away.

A view of my china. I love the contrast with the dark wood.

This African lady is a hand carved sculpture that my mom bought for me for $3. She's where I get my thrifty shopping from:-) I absolutely love it and put it with my Charleston baskets that my Grandmother gave to me. I love the yellow against the light blue.

And here is my baby...happy camper! Don't worry, I don't ever leave him up there unless I'm standing right there. He's our little centerpiece:-)


  1. I love your style. I am going to check out more of your house!

  2. I really like your table and "china cabinet". What a great idea to use a really cool bookcase to display your plates and stuff! I LOVE World Market too! I also love the big vase in the corner is really cool!

  3. that is the sweetest centerpiece ever!! too cute :) Like the before & after pics! Love the table and the open china cabinet... I agree the contrast with the wood really shows off your china!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog...Your center piece is too cute!!! Congrats on the little one...motherhood really is the best! :)

  5. I am very much impressed by your blog, you can find more Dining Room Sets that suites your budget.

  6. I love your china cabinet! It's wonderful. Your centerpiece is cuter than cute too. ; )


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