Sunday, May 24, 2009

Working Mama

Ahhhh I'm so sleep deprived, and so worn down, and soooooo tired of editing pictures.

I didn't realize when I decided to do 20 + photo shoots in a month that not only was I taking the pictures (the fun part), but I would have to upload, edit, export, burn, blog (another fun part), mail, etc all 20 of the photo shoots...all pretty quickly, too, since everyone is getting married soon and needs their pictures.

*Note to self...start this process in March next year.

I am totally discouraged because I have sat at this computer for about seven hours today just going through pictures after pictures after pictures. They are all starting to blurrr together into one giant mushy ball of LOVE!

Now don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of LOVE. But geez after editing thousands of pictures of couples gazing into each other's eyes it gets a little much.

I guess what I'm saying is that I've almost reached the point where I'm loosing the giddy feeling when I see my photographs. Just because of the sheer quantity of it all.

I wish so much I could take my time and just do a perfect job for everyone, but it is physically impossible.
My goal this year was to charge more and make it so I could take my time with everyone...but the recession had a different idea in mind.

I totally do LOVE my job though. I did a wedding this weekend and was very encouraged by it. Not only were the people genuinely nice, but they appreciated my work so much. It's the kind of deal where I feel like I want to go above and beyond for them.

This is stupid, I know, but I get so discouraged when I pour my heart and soul into a photo shoot, spend hours editing and getting everything just right. I feel excited about the photos and when I send them out...nothing. I check me email like a crazy lady waiting for them to tell me something...anything (perferably good things) about my work. This happens a good amount and my husband(who is the kind of detatching himself from unpleasant work situations) tells me, "Helen Joy, if you expect feedback, you should just include it in your contract!"
True true.

So I'm tired and this is totally rambling...but I guess to sum it up:
I love my job (if I only had to do picture taking and blogs)
I love good feedback (who doesn't)
I have a freaking lot to do so I better stop not doing it!


  1. Hi, Helen Joy, thanks for the very sweet note & for stopping by! So glad you found me too. We're always up to some fun over there, so please join in next week & show off some thrifty treasures. I am ALL about the yardsales & finding deals. This Monday party has been a blast. I hope you'll come back often!

  2. FEEDBACK: i adore your photography and i haven't even sat for you! i told jim that when james gets a little older, i want you to do a family shoot for us ... those were some of my favorite on your site. plus, it'd be nice to meet you one day in person - you're sort of a celebrity to me :)


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