Friday, May 15, 2009

My Guest Room:-)

It's Friday again and I'm doing Kelly's Korner blog tour of homes. Today we are showing our guest rooms.

I've really enjoyed this blog tour for two reasons:
1.I get to look at all sorts of houses and get ideas.
2.It's really given me the incentive to take a little extra time and do the things that I've been meaning to room at a time.

Of course, I always like to keep it real with a before photo. This room has been in limbo for the past 5-6months and today I finally felt like it's presentable.

My husband and I both work out of the home so we are constantly finding the right place for the home office. We've moved it three times in the past 6 months and since we've had the baby we've decided this room is the only room that will work for it. So we had all sorts of papers, books, gift wrapping from all the wonderful baby gifts we've received (and I've yet to write thank you notes for!). Also, since my husband snores and I cannot reach a deep sleep because I'm listening out for the baby, this room has been my room for the past two weeks. The nursery is right next door AND I've gotten some snore-less sleep. I'm moving back into my room tonight though.

This room used to be mushroom brown (a lighter brown) and it used to be my least favorite room. It had no pop to it. We decided we wanted to paint it darker, and my husband took it upon himself to make it his project. Plus I was pregnant and could't paint because of the fumes. Well, let's just say, he never finished and after the baby came I had to enlist the help of friends. (Thanks Cat and Mom!). It is now complete and I LOVE it!

Here is after I cleaned for just an hour!

The bed with my miracle quilt on it.

Story of the Miracle Quilt: (long story, but totally worth it!)
I was 9 months pregnant and on a budget for some last minute things before the baby arrived. I was feeling anxious about fitting everything in the budget, and also anxious about a lot of unfinished projects around the house. I went to Greenville, SC to get the shopping done. One place I visited was TJ Max. I looked around at their baby things and didn't find anything in particular. I did find THE QUILT that I wanted so badly for our guest room. In the past we've just used old blankets and I've always wanted to buy bedding for it. I loved this beautiful green and white toil quilt and it was a pretty good price...$40. But...I knew I just couldn't because I was buying so many other odds and end for the baby and post pardum care. So I left. I was exhausted, cranky, sad, discouraged...from all my shopping and decided to cheer myself up with a quick trip to the 99 cent a pound Goodwill (which I LOVE love love). Maybe I was just too tired, or maybe it was a bad day, but I was finding nothing. I found a couple burp clothes and a onezie and was standing in line to purchase them. Usually I come out with 10 or so pounds of pure gold. I was even more discouraged when I saw a tag sticking up out of one of the many bins of clothes. I find what it was attached to...a really ugly brown jacket. The ticket said TJ Max so I decided to buy it. I could give it as a gift or maybe take it back and get $5 or so of store credit. I decided the jacket was just too ugly to give so I decided to give it a try. Outside of TJ Max, I shook out the jacket, trying to rid it of some cat hair and braced myself to hear that it was so old that they didn't have it in the system anymore. I took it in and told them I wanted to return it for store credit. I was shocked beyond all belief when the lady said, that will be $45 on your store credit today. WHAT?!?! I was so shocked I could hardly breathe! So guess what I bought? The quilt! And the credit totally covered it. By the way the jacket cost less than 50 cents. I just think it was God giving me a little boost in my last month of pregnancy. I cried and praised the Lord the whole ride home!

I love my "G" pillow. I love monogrammed things and this is one of the only things I have that is monogrammed. I love our iron wreath that I bought while working at Pier 1 a couple years ago.

Our computer where we both work with some pregnancy pictures and an oil painting my mother in law gave us.

A view of the whole room.

The side table with fun books for guests to read, and of course some pictures of Barclay! I moved this from our room because it matches better in here.

One of my favorite paintings I've ever done from college. It looks better in person. It's a landscape of a flower field. I painted it in a flower field...and there are even little bugs in the paint!

Our bookshelf, which I hope to paint white someday. My three little owls (I love owls!) and my iron key.

Wedding scrapbooks and an iron candle holder. I love that willow tree angel that a sweet friend gave me.

Another picture of Barclay and a cool bottle we got for our wedding.

Picture of my sweet friend Reba on her wedding day.

Inside my closet. I've covered the doors with magazine inspirations for my photo shoots since I'm a photographer.

Fun pictures!

I'm so blessed to have a guest room! I am totally into hosting people and having a guest room makes that so much easier on me. I've lived in 7 other houses since I've been married, and this is the first place that I've had a place they where I don't have to pull out a couch or pull out mattresses from the closet.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my guest room.


  1. What a great story about the quilt! I've never heard of a 99c a pound Goodwill. Obviously you've done it before, but I would never have thought to try to return the jacket. I love your wall color!

  2. It's beautiful! I love rich paint colors and this is awesome.

    Where did you get your large key? That is so neat.

    Thanks, Melissa :)

  3. What a beautiful story! I love that God treated you to such a fun find!

  4. Aww, what a great story about THE Quilt!

    Loved the transformation too....

  5. I LOVE the before pictures becuase they look my house - ALL THE TIME! and the quilt story is awesome! :-)

  6. What an awesome quilt story! I also would not have thought of returning the jacket...
    You did a great job on the room as well.

  7. What a great story ! Thanks for sharing it and your room.

  8. I have a baby and a husband who snores, too. My bigger problem is I have four children so I do not have a guest room...I may have to start sleeping in the car to get a good night's sleep!

  9. Great story! I love the paint color on your guest room walls!!

  10. Great job with the bookshelves, everything is displayed beautifully. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Love the quilt story! And I like the colors of the room!


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