Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teary Day

For some reason today, I've been listening to sappy music and tearing up all day long. My sister Julianna is flying as I am writing this, to Pakistan to teach English. Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world today. I'm not worried about her safety, because I know that God will protect her, but it just means that one of my best friends is not available to call, to text pictures of Barclay to, to go on an impromtu visit. She'll be gone just until December, but it will definitely be the longest I've gone without seeing her. What makes me even sadder, is that just in the past month, she's started dating the greatest guy, and they are "severely in like"...which I translate to mean...they'll be married within the next two years. But I tend to think ahead too much:-)
I'm so proud of Julianna for taking the time to do something out of her comfort zone, and to give of her self.
I love her so much it hurts.

Julianna and her sweet boyfriend, Drew.

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  1. Beautiful relationship you two have. Not all sisters have that. Nice tribute to her today. She's doing a wonderful thing. She should be proud.


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