Monday, August 31, 2009

Clumsy Day

Mondays...seriously? They are such roller coasters. It's like a clean slate just waiting for you to start over and do better. I always start the week off with lists, goals, meals I want to make, projects I want to do, people I want to get in touch with... And usually by noon, I realize that I can't do it...then I get sad.
Today I had so much to do, and I did about 1/10th of what I was hoping to accomplish. In the meantime, a bunch of crazy things happened.
I started the morning by designing two albums for clients. As I pressed the "order" button, I felt a huge weight of guilt lift from my shoulds. Barclay slept the whole time and I was able to dress semi cute, prepare to leave, and do breakfast dishes. I then had to wake Barclay up which has happened about 2 times in his life. I then met a sweet friend at Sam's club to walk around and get stuff I need/hang out. I love this sweet friend because she's just so easy and we just pick up where we left off. I had a sweet time with her/got a lot of things I've been needing to buy (like the 10 jump drives that I need to fill up with pictures and mail tomorrow). After waving goodbye, I was feeling PRETTY good about how my life was going. Pretty organized, getting stuff done, looking semi cute...Monday was MINE!
Then I made the decision to go to Walmart. Oh why, o why? Didn't I know it was the kiss of death to my productive day?
Here is a bulleted list of what went wrong:
*Barclay squealed the whole time and chewed on pretty much everything in our cart.
*Barclay's cloth diaper leaked everywhere. I was too tired to take him to the bathroom and change him like a normal mother, so I just laid him out over all my stuff and did it in the deoderant aisle. Classy.
*I was then yelled at for nursing in Public. Story as follows:
Barclay was screaming so I started nursing him, my sweater was covering everything that needed to be covered. I was in the make up aisle with 1 other woman. I didn't think anything of it. Pretty much, for the past 2 months, I have given up on nursing covers, burp clothes, etc. Because they are pulled off in an instant. Never in my life has anyone looked at me weird, given me mean looks, or said anything about nursing in public. All of a sudden, this lady approaches me (she was about 65 and looked very motherly and nice), she then sees what I am doing and freaks out yelling, "Plu leeeese....." I was so shocked when I looked up and saw the most disguisted face I think I've ever seen. "Plu leeeese..."She said again.
"Excuse me? What is the problem?" I asked.
"Can't you do that somewhere else?!" She asked with utmost disgust in her voice, as if I was doing something like...Well...nothing comes to mind.
I was so shocked. I wanted to break down and cry and say, "No I can't do it somewhere else. I'm just trying to survive lady. I'm trying to make it through my day without having a mental breakdown!".
I ended up turning my back and shedding a few tears and not giving her the satisfaction of getting a rise out of me.

Pretty much I'm so sensative, that I replayed the senario the whole afternoon and got madder and madder and madder. I just couldn't believe that a motherly looking, older woman, would yell at a frazzled young mother like that in the makeup aisle.
I could understand a mother with a teen son, or a man, or a mother with young children. But seriously lady, what is so awful that you have to go out of your way to ruin someone's day?

the list continues...

*2 1/2 hours later I'm pretty much wandering around in daze trying to figure out where chamomile tea is, I go to the register, wait in line, start putting up my items to buy, when I realize that I've left my wallet in the car. Barclay of course is fussing the whole time. I then have to put my items back in the cart, carry Barclay out to my car, grab my wallet, come back in, put my items up, and purchase them. And of course my check out lady is mean as a snake. She didn't even smile when Barclay cooed and flirted with her.

*Get out to the car, load everything up, put Barclay in his seat, Barclay falls asleep immediately, and I realize...It's because I've been out for 3 1/2 hours!

*I start to drive and realize one of the doors is ajar. I look around and think, Oh it's probably just fine. As I'm driving down 4 seasons, I get honked at several times. People were kindly pointing out that my door was ajar on Barclay's side. I pull over and to my amazement and horror, realize that my wallet had fallen out of the car and was what was keeping the door from shutting. My wallet could have fallen out on the highway. And for some reason, for the past 3 weeks, my social security card has been in it. Praise the Lord! My day could have been a lot worse!

*I finally make it home and Barclay is very upset and nothing works. So basically I hold him and attempt to edit with one hand.

*I make grilled cheese for dinner instead of the yummy curry I was planning.

*I think I shall make my week start on Tuesdays...


  1. that makes me so mad about the old lady!!!
    so sorry helen joy :(
    i have TOTALLY nursed in the make-up aisle in walmart following a screaming episode.
    you sound like such a good mommy.
    wish we could live closer together and hang out!

  2. We had the same day! Only mine happened at Target and there was a blowout involved. Of course, the diaper bag was at home. Guess what else was in the diaper bag at home? Yeah, my wallet. Had to leave my stuff at the register after the clerk rang me up, rush home, grab my wallet (change Ben!) and rush back. Very embarrassing.

    And about the old lady - I've gotten a few disgusted looks when I NIP, and they mostly come from old ladies. Who knew that would be the population to be grossed out by a little nursing? My mom said that it's because that generation never nursed - they thought formula was healthier back then, so they just can't relate. Next time that happens, tell the disgusted onlooker to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS! That usually does the trick! Keep doing what you do, Mama - sometimes it's hard to see it in the day-to-day mini-disasters, but we all go through it. You are a terrific Mama and Barclay is beyond blessed to have you!

  3. Uuggghhhh. Whatever. I would have had some WORDS to say to that woman if I'd been there...but no reason to corrupt Barclay at such a young age so I'm glad he was spared.

    It's not like you were forcing the woman to watch you do it! It's her choice to let it bother her so much.

    After just a few days with you, Barclay, & Noah just know that I think you have it more together than you realize. You're doing a great job & your baby is freaking adorable.

    I'm also holding a grudge to the check out girl who didn't smile at Barclay. I mean seriously. He's the most out going little person.

  4. Oh.. I wanted to cry for you when I read your little story. First of all, Who is that lady anyway. Does it really matter what she says? What matters is that precious little boy and that you are a wonderful mother willing to sacrifice whatever for his well-being. Things can definitely be overwhelming and get out of hand. I remember soo many similar stories with my little ones!!! Just remember to take things one at a time. Don't put soo much pressure on yourself. If some of the things don't get done on your list....SO WHAT.

  5. you know a lot of people actually just flop their boobs out there like its not a thing in the world that's awkward. I've been given nasty looks for nursing at the store, mall, wherever before -- and I cover up. If that lady has a stick up her ass so far that she's gonna get mad at you for that I'm sure if you weren't nursing Barclay, she'd give you nasty looks because he was screaming.
    People astonish me when they tell you how to raise your children - as if they know what you do or what your kids are like. I've decided grumpy old ladies (who are, indeed, the first ones to get grumpy about nursing or spanking or anything in public) are just grumpy because they were locked up at home back in the 50's when they were young mothers. They had to keep up with the Joneses or whatever and don't understand our way of life - including grocery shopping with hungry children.

  6. Bless you heart...I have 8 grandchildren and a soft heart for young mothers...their plates are full and running over. You just keep doing your best...that's what God can't please everyone and He's the one that counts...

    Please don't judge all 60ish, white hair ladies by the one you met on the makeup aisle. I'm in that description category.

    God Bless....Betty @ Country Charm


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