Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 Days of Spray Paint and Baby Food

I have been SO inspired by reading blogs of all the things you can do with a can of spray paint! I have so many things this past month that I have purchased in hopes to spray paint one day. I am quickly realizing that these things are piling up and no spray painting has been done. So I thought I'd spray paint one small thing a day and post it. For seven days.

Something else I'm having a hard time with is feeding my baby! OK, I'm not starving him...obviously.

But I'm having an awfully hard time remembering to give him solid foods. I end up remember about 8 o'clock when he is too tired to do anything but nurse.

So...I thought I'd combine these two and do 7 days of spray paint and baby food...

I don't know if those two things have ever been in the same sentence before...

Be back later.


  1. :-) I forget to give Raziel solids all the time and wonder why he's so hungry... Milk is SOOO much easier.

  2. I dont even give solids untl after 10 months and then I try really really hard to get someone else to do it. If you wait long enough he can feed himself scrambled eggs and organic cereal and organic peas and........


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