Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, I did keep to my very small goals of
a.feeding my baby something other than milk
b.spray painting something

I fed Barclay Yo Baby Yogurt tonight and he did not like it, but he did eat quite a bit and didn't throw it back up!

I decided to spray paint this cute little candle holder that I bought the Salvation Army a couple months ago for $1. I love all things organic looking and this looks like sticks bundled together. I've loved it but always had a hard time matching it to a room. I took it and put it next to my tub last week and noticed that is speckled spray painted with copper and silver...and it doesn't look too good close up....

Hard to see but it was just sort of blah...

So I spray painted it black.
Yay! It looks so good.

The little knot detail...

Yay! I REALLY love this candle holder now.

In other news...I am completely overwhelmed at being a mother. I know every mother feels like this at one time or another but I feel like I feel this way pretty much every second. I never feel like, "Yeah, I've got this...I'm in a groove." No, I literally feel like I'm on a crazy roller coaster and I'm hanging on for dear life. Don't get me wrong, it's the BEST ride of my is just making it crazy!
I think part of this is that I am too busy with too much to do, and I'm just not organized...because I'm too busy...and the cycle contines.

I'm sort of mad at my mom for making it look so easy....

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  1. I am not a mother but I find myself start to panic when I see how my life is ticking past me and nothing I do can stop it. Sometimes I will just cry because I realize time doesn't stop, people are getting old, time is taking a toll on my parents, my grandparents may not be here much longer, my friends are getting pregnant and having babies, I'm already married, graduated from college and high school, I can legally drink, smoke, vote, drive... nothing can stop life. So, no, I am not a mother but I feel the same way, I am hanging on for dear life also.

    PS I like that candle holder better black too.


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