Monday, September 21, 2009

The Confusion of Me

I'm a pretty confusing person. I confuse myself.

My last post was one full of hope and change.

And now....I feel like I am just starting over. Like someone just handed me a newborn (a 19 pound newborn) and said, here you go.

I'm pretty much at a loss for what to do to make this child sleep through the night. Of course after my jubilant post, he woke up not just 4 times, but without going back to bed. Pretty much, I didn't get anything but 20 minute cat naps in. Three nights later...and here I am at 12:30 AM, dreading going to sleep for fear of being beckoned.

I gave up and it seemed to work, now I feel lost and very out of control. Surely SOME sort of schedule needs to be in place since I am not a hermit and I do intend to get out of the house some time. I do not have patience to sit home waiting for Barclay to get drowsy so I can put him down.

Seriously. What to do, what to do...

On the plus side, I must admit I am getting way more quality time with my sweet baby than most mothers get.

Today at nursery, the worker told me that Barclay's countenance blessed her. She said he is the cutest baby ever and I would have to agree. Seriously, I can't even wait till the last song to run to the church nursery to pick him up.


  1. My mom and I were just saying the other day how when I was little, she dreaded going to sleep because one of us kids would keep her up all night. And now I'm doing it with my boy. I purposely stay up late because I know I'll be in his room 3 times before midnight. Why torture myself thinking I might get some sleep. My nights usually are averaging around 4-5 hours these days - and that may be stretching it. Ugh!

  2. First of all, I forgot to say in my email how much I LOVE his cute =)

    I wanted to encourage you that out of 4 kids, the have ALL had different sleep habits despite the fact that Bill and I handle them each the same in the department. Kids are SO individual and sometimes they are great sleepers, sometimes they are just OK sleepers and sometimes they are just TERRIBLE sleepers. Period
    I know its exhausting when you have a terrible sleeper (ella was that for us) but the good news is they DO grow out of it =) Maybe not as soon as we want, but THEY DO! =)

    In the mean time, let yourself take naps when you need to (even if you have things to do) b.c it will make you SO much more productive and cheerful when you are up again =)

  3. I JUST started reading so I don't nkow what you have or haven't tried but have you done CIO? We did it after my DS was up 10+ times a night and he has slept (mostly) through the night since! It was hard at first, but it worked!

  4. I'd definitely, also have to agree with the lady at your nursery...Barclay really touched Bruce's and my hearts! He is just so darn cuddly!! I'm sure it is a result of having a mother who pours absolutely every part of herself and her love into him!! :)


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