Thursday, September 10, 2009

There are two of me

There are two of me.

One of me wants to live in a bustling big city, with a tiny apartment. I want to walk everywhere, or take public transportation. I dream of walking to a market and gathering delicious food in my cloth bags. I want to wander downtown at night to hear live music and people watch. I want to breath culture and experience the latest in art.

The other of me wants to live in the woods. I want to wear only dresses. I want to grow all my own food, I want to milk cows, and gather eggs from chickens. I want to cook pies for my husband and read by the fire. I want to wear my hair in braids and constantly be sporting an apron covered in flower. I want life to be simple and pure.

In both lives, I'd want to have Barclay and Noah.


  1. Great post...I think I want a little of both too. Just blog hopping and enjoyed yours tonight...
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  2. why are we so the same person? i feel the exact same way. part of me wants the big city & to just feel people everywhere & experience everything all the time. then there's another part of me that wants to live in a cabin in the mountains in Colorado or Northern California next to a waterfall...

  3. Helen Joy, I pretty much said this exact sentiment to a friend yesterday. Minus the whole "having Noah and Barclay with me" part ;) You're not alone! Love you!

  4. I loved the "two of me" and can totally relate to that!


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