Monday, September 7, 2009

He laughs at fans...

He laughs at fans
His tongue is always sticking out
He smiles to hard his eyes squint up
He has no teeth, which makes his smiles even better
He puts ever living tiny thing he can find in his mouth.
He can find anything on a "clean surface"
He belly laughs in bed with me
His eyes are brown
He can now crawl but prefers to scoot backwards
He doesn't like toys, but prefers water bottles
He has slept for 7 hours 2 nights in a row
He cannot get any cuter!


  1. I thought my lamp shade idea was cute. But you definitely have something a lot cuter!!!
    He is just the sweetest little guy!
    And should I wear the lace panel or the lampshade on my head when I want to feel pretty???
    I am thinking that I could wear them both and be beatiful!!!!

  2. What a cutie! I enjoyed checking out your blog - I love your thrift store finds!

  3. in this picture he is the SPITTING IMAGE of Noah.


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