Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So...the past few weeks, I've been feeling very pregnant.
I had horrible nausea. The kind that isn't from anything but pregnancy. The worst kind.
My boobs were killing me.
I was beyond exhausted.
I just felt pregnant.
I took one test, then two tests, then three tests (and a very faint line appeared...very very very faint), then another test. All negative...except that one faint line.
Still the symptoms would not go away.
I went to the doctors and got another urine test run (negative), and a blood test...negative.

I guess that this baby bump isn't such a baby bump after all;-)

I am pretty much the most unpregnant you can get.


  1. aww honey :-) were you wanting another baby? You and Noah can still try, you know, even if you're not right now....

    Are they sure they're not false negatives? Did they check you out for an infection or something? you sound pretty sick to me.

    praying for you, love you

  2. I can't really tell from that post if you want another one now or not! It seems that we may be on the same page about #2 though - I read your earlier post about feeling jealous, in a way, when friends announce their pregnancies and I feel the SAME way, but when I think about the day-to-day of having the 2nd child so soon after the first, I get really nervous about my ability to have two in diapers and the like. I also had a scare 2 months ago with the very faint + test, followed by several -'s. I do hope you get what you wish for though, whatever that wish may be!

  3. this was funny. good laugh before bedtime.

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