Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Brown Eyes

If there is anything that I LOVE about my husband, it is his big brown eyes. I love them. I get lost in them. I was hoping that our children would have his eyes...but since birth, Barclay has been sporting my hazel eyes (not that I minded;-)
Yesterday morning, I was nursing him in the early morning sunlight. It's a really sweet time and I always love just gazing at him.
He all of a sudden stopped. Looked at me and smiled. His eyes are beautiful and deep brown. Just like his daddy's. They are just gorgeous.
One day, a girl will fall in love with those beautiful eyes...

and I will scare her off;-)

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  1. Awesome post! My daughter had blue eyes for over 3 years, like me. All of a sudden they're hazel with a blue ring around them. I will have to scare of the guy who gets lost in her eyes :o)


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